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Run the Gauntlet Challenge

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The Run the Gauntlet Challenge, or simply Gauntlet Challenge, is an internet challenge shock site where participants are tasked with "running the gauntlet" by watching 20 increasingly NSFW videos, including pornographic, gore and torture videos, such as 1 Guy 1 Jar and 3 Guys 1 Hammer. The challenge is hosted on and was originally created in 2010 but launched in late 2014, notably going viral on TikTok in early 2022 where it saw a resurgence online.


According to a 2015 Vice[1] article where they speak with the creator of the challenge,[2] was launched in 2015 (domain registered on October 14th, 2014).[10] The site's slogan reads, "The Most Vile, Puke inducing, Hard to watch Videos on the Internet." Run The Gauntlet presents users with one increasingly shocking video at a time, separated into difficulty levels ranging from "Beginner" to "Insane." Videos in the challenge have been replaced a number of times, with a full list of videos in and removed from the challenge available on[3]

Run The Gauntlet Cringe Edition

There is also a SFW cringe edition of the Run the Gauntlet challenge hosted at[9] where users are shown 41 increasingly cringey videos one after another.


The challenge has inspired numerous reaction videos online where people attempt to run the gauntlet. For example, on May 20th, 2015, YouTuber[4] TheSCcomedy posted a video where six people attempt to run the gauntlet, gaining over 56,000 views in seven years (shown below, left). On April 9th, 2020, YouTuber[5] Twomad attempted to run the gauntlet, dropping out on the last video, gaining over 296,000 views in two years (shown below, right).

2022 Resurgence On TikTok

In 2022, videos about "running the gauntlet" started to spread on TikTok. On April 20th, TikToker[6] @milovelyyy posted a video about watching the challenge, gaining over 29,000 views in a month (shown below, left). On April 24th, TikToker[7] @uhhhh._charlotte posted a video about being traumatized by one of the videos, gaining over 14,000 views in a similar span of time (shown below, right). On May 17th, PopBuzz[8] published an article about the challenge's increasing popularity on TikTok.

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