Send Me $5 and See What Happens

Send Me $5 and See What Happens

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Send Me $5 and See What Happens is a prank on Tinder in which women request that matches send them $5, and then immediately un-match following receipt of the money. While initially started by college student Maggie Archer, the practice was subsequently adopted by other Tinder users.


On March 22nd, 2017, Archer tweeted screenshots[1] of her scam in action, calling it "the best possible use for Tinder." Her tweet gained 8,700 retweets and 21,000 likes (collage of the screenshots as posted on 4chan shown below).

Anonymous 03/26/17(Sun)19.39 20 No. 17218814612188360172189730 oo Sprint LTE File: 1490568077486.ipg (94 KB, 1443x639) 12:54 PM イ0 85960 00 Sprint 12:40 PM ブ。 Sprint令 3:17 PM @イ Edit Info Activity YOU MATCHED WITH ON 3/22/17 YOU MATCHED WITH ON 3/22/17 All Money In Money Out What will $5 get me? Super curious about what this $5 is about COMPLETED Send it and find out Mar 22, 2017, 12:28 PM + $5.00 cS Money received How should i send it? US mail? Send it and find out Haha where/how do you want it sent? + $5.00 IN Money received Sent Money sent Paypal me/ + $5.00 The best way IB Money received Sent Maggie, 20 Mar 20, 2017 Missouri Western State University Mute Notifications + $5.00 cs Money received Unmatch Send me $5, see what happens Report + $10.00 SF Money received 1349 Friends For Common Connections ShowsProfile We compare your Facebook friends with those of your matches to display any + $5.00 Cancel PC GIF Type a Message... Sen Money received connections. glad runescape taught me about these scams


Many on Twitter praised Archer's scam as genius and attempted to imitate the prank.

@maggiearch3r A SCAMMER GIF @maggiearch3r you are my new hero What happens if I send you five dollars aha Mar 26, 2017, 2:42 PM Well you c, you have to send it to find out Where do I send it to aha PayPal·m . Okay just did LIKES 25 @maggiearch3r @alexdecampi GIF Tavghs hystericalny

The post went viral after Buzzfeed[2] posted about it on March 27th. After that, several other outlets covered Archer's scam, including Men's Health,[3] Refinery29,[4] ThoughtCatalog,[5] and more. One Reddit user CowsGiveUsMilk_[6] posted a thread to /r/Tinder chronicling his experience with a person attempting the same scam, gaining 613 upvotes (shown below).

o HOME 2:22 AM 64% Milan YOU MATCHED WITH MILAN ON 2017-03-27 People like you are everything that's wrong with the many gender problems that we have, but the it's also kind of funny and pure example of great capitalism. I don't know if I should be mad or not. soo... r u guna send me $5 or nah How would that work? do u have paypal Yes? well u can send it through payal And then what? Sent GIF Type a Message.. Send HOME 2:24 AM イ 64%) Milan UsE 4GI For $5?! What will $10 do? Sent GIF Type a Message.. Send o HOME 2:39 AM 61% Milan Cool, I'm down. Actually, I'm a little short on cash and can't send all of it right now I can definitely send some of it over PayPal right now though! ya okay that's fine Okay, here is how much I'm sending you right now: Who's dumber, the boys who actually send you money, or the person sharing their email with GIF Type a Message.. Send

Once Tinder became aware of the trending scam, it began banning users attempting it, as requesting money violates Tinder's terms of service.[7]

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Walrus the Tree
Walrus the Tree

This girl is kind of a piece of shit (all scammers are) , but the guys are idiots and would have fell for something worse eventually…
Wow, actually, now that I put it that way, this girl might be the closest thing to a beneficial scammer out there. All these guys lost was $5 and a bit of their dignity. If they can take this experience and learn caution from it, then I guess that's what really matters. It's better to learn to not fall for scams by listening to the many cautionary tales out there, but I guess some people just need a little more personal experience to get it through their heads.


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