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Shot, Chaser

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Shot, Chaser refers to a copypasta template, which allows people to present a piece of hard or bad news, generally in the form of a quote or headline, as the "shot," and a piece of funny or contradictory news as the "chaser," a palate cleanser used to ease the news of the shot.


The phrase takes its name from the act of drinking a shot of alcohol with a chaser, something used to cleanse the mouth from the taste of alcohol. In the context of journalism, the earliest known iteration comes from The National Journal's The Hotline feature.[1] The feature started in 1987, but a running column called "Last Call," Hotline's final news round up feature of the day, founded in August 7th, 1998,[2] became known for its "Shot… Chaster…" segments, a humorous way of presenting news. The earliest example found on Internet Archive "The Wayback Machine" is from August 21st, 2008.[3]

SHOT... "I think -I'll have my staff get to you.... I's condominiums where I'll have them get to you" McCain, losing track of his multiple homes (Politico, 8/21). . . CHASER "There are days when you wake up and you read the newspapers and you want to shoot yourself. I'm always fascinated to find out where I was yesterday and what I said bllionaire/multiple-home-owner Mike Bloomberg (AP. 12/21/02).


In 2011, the National Journal required paid membership to read the magazine, and by proxy, "Last Call." Currently, the Journal has more than 1,000 members.[6] On February 1st, 2013, The National Journal canceled "Last Call!"[4] However, "Shot… Chaser…" did find a new home at Hotline's "Wake-Up Call." Hotline editor Kyle Trygstad posted an example on Twitter, regarding Kellyanne Conway's potential conflict of interest by asking Fox News viewers to support President Donald Trump daughter's clothing brands in March 2017.[5]

Kyle Trygstad @KyleTrygstad Today's @njhotline Wake-Up Call shot/chaser from mastermind @cdiersing: Shot... "Go buy Ivanka's stuff!" -- Kellyanne Conway (Fox) Chaser... "Get in, loser. We're going shopping" ("Mean Girls"

"Shot, Chaser" has been a popular posting format on Twitter since 2009. On Twitter, people generally post Shot, Chasers with links. Some of the earliest variations date back as far as 2010.

Chuck Todd @chucktodd Here's a headline shot/chaser @thehotline would love. Dueling Politico headlines tell story of true WH squeeze. and htt Ted Newton @Ted_Newton SHOT: CHASER:

Twitter user @BraddJaffy tweeted one of the most popular examples (shown below) on May 16th, 2017. His caption "shot/chaser" pointed out contradictory actions by the Trump White House, asking Israeli officials not to share info and Trump sharing intelligence with Russians officials.[7] The tweet received more than 800 retweets 900 likes in 24 hours.

Brad Jaffy @BraddJaffy shot/chaser U.S. Intelligence Officials Reportedly Warn Israeli Israel Was Source of Secret Intelligence That Trump Gave to Russians, Officials Say Counterparts Against Sharing o O O y ADAM COLEMEAN MATTHEW ROSENERG d MATT APUTO MAY 0 WASHINGTON-The classified intelligenoe that President Trump disclosed in a meeting last week with Russian officials at the White House Shared information could be leaked to Russia and onward to Iran, was provided by Israel, acoording to a current and a former American American officials implied to Israelis in closed meeting, saying official familiar with how the United States obtained the information. The Kremlin has 'leverages of pressure' over Trump, Ronen Bergman revelation adds a potential diplomatic complication to an episode that has reports. renewed questions about bow the White House handles sensitive

Various Examples

Soup Can Sam @Tyler_McNally shot/chaser (x3) Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11 world is burning and Russia is Doesn't Obama have a to get to? Working class folks care about jobs, immigration, healthcare, education, and the debt! Not once in last 2 years did I hear a Russia! WEET LIKE Ressie Remenber shen o 619 RETWEETS 1,600 LIKES Fourndarion sei Parker Molloy @ParkerMolloy Shot:,734.. Chaser: US intel sources warn Israel against sharing secrets with Trump administration Israel Was Source of Secret Intelligence That Trump Gave to Russians, Officials Say y ADAM GOLDMAN MATTHEW ROENEaG Israeli intelligence officials fear that top-secret information that has been exposed to the United States will be leaked to Russia MATT AUZED MAY nd from Russia to its close ally, Iran. onen Begmen Published 1201 17 14 12 Donald Trump's upcoming inauguration as the next president of the Unted Stafes is causing Israell itelligence officials to lose sleep as we. Disoussions held in closed forums recenty raised fears of a leakage of israeli intelligence top-classied informaten, clandestine modus oprandi and sources, which ha been exposed to the American inteligence community over the past 15 years to Russia-and fom there to Iran. follow Ynetnews Eacetesh and The cause of corcom the suspoons of unreported tes be een presides lect or hs associates and the Kremin, wrose agents are ociahed with intelligence officials in Teran Patrick Monahan @pattymo Shot, chaser Sean Hannity @seanhannity Sean Hannity。 @seanhannity Up next is our Fake News Roundup... Former DC homicide detective @rodwheeler joins me next to discuss his @JoeConchaTV and @RichardGrenell will investigation of the death of DNC staffer respond to the latest media bias #Hannity Seth Rich #Hannity

@goonsquat shot/chaser ← Tweet ← Tweet Alex Alex G缢 @Extruh I just want to come home from Just got hit with some hot work and lay in my bed.. But my knowledge. Not jacking off stupid Maid decides to always anymore. Goodnight clean my room right b4 l get home. #fired 117 PM 05 Jan 16 12:20 AM-17 May 17 LIKES 2 RETWEETS 3 Alex Burns @alexburnsNYT Shot & chaser feat. @DavidWright_CNN @KatyTurNBC David Wright @DavidWright_CNN 32s @SenAngusKing: "There's a long way to go before we start talking about changing the presidency or removing someone from office." (MSNBC) Katy Tur@KatyTurNBC Dem TX 32s Congressman Al Green @RepAlGr... Today on the floor of the Congress of the United States of America, I will call for the Impeachment of the President between 9am & 10am CST. TA WMMR The Myers @m m myers Shot, Chaser. Says the guy who's never owned a car and never will. lan Miles Cheong f @stillgray Replying to @xvszero WNMIR The Myers @mmes 7m Being temied of people sitting en cars is the new punk rock ouinay A primarily peaceful movement. Replying to xszero A primarily peaceful movement. TelE 522 AM 15 Mav 17

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