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8values is a website that surveys its users with 60 questions asking whether the user agrees or disagrees with a statement. At the completion of the survey, the site generates a graph detailing where the user falls on four political spectrums based on their answers.


8values[1] began being developed for GitHub[2] on April 16th, 2017. The site measures users values on four political spectrums: Equality vs. Wealth, Might vs. Peace, Tradition vs. Progress, and Authority vs. Liberty.

ECONOMIC DIPLOMATIC CIVIL SOCIETAL EQUALITY MIGHTLIBERTY TRADITION WEALTH PEACE AUTHORITY PROGRESS What is 8values? 8values is, in essence, a political quiz that attempts to assign percentages for eight different political values. You will be presented by a statement, and then you will answer with your opinion on the statement, from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, with each answer slightly affecting your scores. At the end of the quiz, your answers will be compared to the maximum possible for each value, thus giving you a percentage. Answer honestly!


The quiz began spreading widely through the internet on April 21st, 2017. That day, it was posted in an 8chan thread[3] and onto Supforums.[4] In the following days, popular threads were posted to /pol/ [5] and other forums, while political types posted their results on Twitter.[6]

Since people are doing that #Byalues 8values.github.io test, here's my results. 8values.github.io Libertarian Socialism Economic Axis: Socialist 89.7% ID WEALTH EQUALITY Diplomatic Axis: Dovish 74.4% MIGHT PEACE Civil Axis: Libertarian 78.3% LIBERTY AUTHORITY Societal Axis: Very Progressive 88.1% TRADITION PROGRESS I did the 8values meme shobon 8values.github.io Capitalist Fascisnm Economic Axis: Laissez-Faire 92.3% ID WEALTH EQUALITY Diplomatic Axis: Militarist 84.6% MIGHT PEACE Civil Axis: Authoritarian 86.3% LIBERTY AUTHORITY 96.396 TRADITION PROGRESS Well #Evalues Results Economic Axis: Market 7.290 | 62.89 EQUALITY WEALTH Diplomatic Axis: Balanced 48.7%| 51.3% MIGHT PEACE Civil Axis: Moderate 57.4% -2.6% LIBERTY AUTHORITY Societal Axis: Neutral 45.5% 54.5% TRADITION PROGRESS


As the quiz grew more popular, several parody edits appeared on Twitter. One of the most popular, posted by @adultblackmale,[7] photoshopped each result to read a humorous action taken by those on certain points of the spectrum (shown below).

baby genius @adultblackmale + Follow finally took that 8values quiz that everyone's been doing Economic Axis: You tried to return a rotisserie chicken to Costco even though you ate over half of it 71.2% 28.8% | EQUALITY WEALTH Diplomatic Axis: Canada too cold. Mexico too scary. Europe is basically one country. Africa and Asia start and end with the letter "a" which causes you to regularly confuse the two. 23.1% 76.9% Civil Axis: You think people should be allowed to smoke weed so long as they're in jail when they're smoking it. 727% 273% UBERTY Societal Axis: You think self driving cars are good so long as they make the passengers recite the pledge of allegiance to start the car 25.0% 75.0%

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PayPay from 5san
PayPay from 5san

I ended up getting center for all except very progressive in the last one.

I gotta say though, some of the questions were kind of stupid, or at least should be made into 2 separate ones. "Do you think terrorism is a serious issue and should civil liberties be sacrificed to prevent it" Well it is, but they shouldn't.


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