Ever Expanding Bunker meme excerpt depicting several wojak characters from the series.

Ever-Expanding Bunker

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The Ever-Expanding Bunker is a collaborative writing project centered around the concept of a massive, ever-growing bunker populated by survivors of "the event" and governed by "the computer" tasked with ensuring humanity's survival. Originating from a Political Compass meme with numerous Wojak characters posted in June 2020, the project is developed by the Ever-Expanding Bunker subreddit and Discord.


On June 5th, 2020, Redditor Randomaspland posted a six-by-six Political Compass image themed around a "massive, ever-expanding bunker," with the setting explained through the description of 34 initial characters, most of them drawn using Wojak templates. The post gained over 13,900 upvotes in the /r/PoliticalCompassMemes[1] subreddit in six months (shown below).

Authoritarian The Posadist The Follower Has never even heard of the sun follows orderi wthout questen The computer The Calm The I.T guy The Husk topne er lessed be the regujations mee ey tent v er m bot lng he outide wo yste O ow the food paste is warm todayt Thanks computert Uhed to atively dsobey the computer a be the PEONd be the regulations BERthe reulabions the Trapped imide Nn own turtany Everything is fine. The event never happened be B inalle power We are allen the be the the om n the d be the redations The Guard Honey! its 0400 hours. Time to clear out the flesh growths of sector F The Hoper The Preservist Him. "Yes dear" "Wee a be let onto the surtace Tres to force his sector to partake in preevent holidays such nig eande Chrostmos, Easthar and Patte e nhe soon, this h only thinglay Hai ye emporary keep working for the computer its aroble cause nt the metvtion >Rats abot hw e ta s ythe are forgetting our routes dewna The Questioner The Sharer The Old Worlder Phark the food rations should be e i Hoves the computer only This speofie quadrant was The Allocated Breeder The Surface Denier censored by the compuser for some reason and i dont hared between the weak not jut the workes because he gets girs choen to breed with him ele tttde theee Cnge want to have my rations "I can't remember her face As a result thinks deducted so leave it out. "Remember trees he's a chad for not having to Im sure there isa good work in the reason for this though seems prety random, Irust the computer The Shifter The Social The Ration credit hoarder Does ether member's lebour in Preevent uund to be weatty Thinks levels should be seporated The Labourer The Level Elitist The Food Striker Thinks protesting will comvince a ert the computer to give them rights "The computer is SUsed to host ranon parties akin change for their food rations nfuck tad never worked yethn group dnga chid he's eedine Spends more me clearing out the esh erowths than being voltage 1o a a in ha donm to keep spirits ve Prepared to destroy the computer it alows the bunker leave The darin his ie before issing since the fog Incident Swhere are they the event to protect un, if we starve it wit have o lsten to maie us eat again" Veah ok buddy ene ter Calmed The Nuller The Worshipper The predator The Human Righter The Fumer The Empty Labourer ocks cameras to their subsector n order to let the blood flora grow unenteruppted SUes amon oredits on painer and cgs to nuy the painof huner >Thinks human rights are real Wshes he could pool his raom together and get actual food Gets high of the blood fumes Knows how to Setarund the levels without ever being seen on camera >Misses their mgh ge Shie nvine Eyw familly Ane21 The Escaped The Whirler The Bogs We see them in our dream We krow their names why do we The Separationist BARTER IS Claims the compuner made up the and the surface is fine >You can hear FORBIDDEN BY him scuttling in the walls row theiranest ORDER OF THE GREAT COMPUTER AND IS PUNISHABLE ΒYΕΧPOSURE Libertarian Left Right

On the same day, Redditor fenskept1 created the /r/Everexpandingbunker[2] subreddit, crossposting[3] Randomaspland's post to it. The subreddit invited subscribers to create original works based on the canon compass, with multiple users submitting original characters and memes referencing the developing lore in the following weeks (examples shown below).

The coffee guy >found a caffeine plant while mining, possibly a sign of mercy from the computer >too stupid too consider that >makes the best coffee hecan with the lukewarm water and coffee leaves he has >only he can find the caffeine plants >His s--- coffee is probably the only thing that keeps Everyone going >at least he's happy doing What he does The I.R.O.N. >blocked out the entire northern sector for something they call "geem", who's to stop them anyway > Trying to fight them has wasted so much of the computer's personnel and resources that it just lets them have all the surplus testosterone >they still keep fighting it for more test > rebels keep attacking level 106 like f------ retards >just let them deal with the flesh, they do it for some reason >never mention their calves if you want to return home in one piece

The subreddit was later joined by the creator of the original compass, who, on September 22nd, 2020, posted an expanded, nine-by-nine Political Compass that included the new, user-submitted characters (shown below).[4]

The Alarmist Counci The Calm The Conduit ame The Posadist The Follower The I.T Department The Husk The Coalition Leader Used to actvely dvobey the semter oo tmp to nderwutnon O the Tod p to ha o 5. obody aaom wth h Tharks The Level One dweller The Coalition Grunt The Foreman The Elite guard The Collector amp nd Him. Honeyl its 0400 hours. Time to clear out the fesh growths of sector F The level 100 watche "Yes dear" tte e he The Self-Kinged The Agent ometthe n Foenholda et The level 17 Union Prisioner Slave The Journalist The Hoper Lower Level Security Guard The Guard The Preservist "Mysteriously" died rhaeor level 3t *yaknow -exhausted Hits b Reggy The Questoner The Gener simo The Coffee Guy The Foodpaste Engineer The Old Worlder The Mardorking Labourer The Surface Denier The Sharer The Philosopher The Allocated Breeder Level 3 Scumbag The Level Elitist Thinks level should be The Food Striker The ALARMer The "Magic" Kid e meter he probably 15 errpatod by ethnie rovo >Prepared to destry the computer i ebs the buker f--- you ave Snifte The Fumer The Social The Immortal Labourer Ithe hasoolh Oh dame GEEN The Defects Alarmer, Intantry The labourer The Ration Credit Hoarder The Flesh Consumer NT Dos ether menbers labour inechange for food utiona Hdingahe eeding s so COOL The Nuller The Forager The Human Righter The Cool Foreman Tanner The Empty Labourer The Worshipper The Mario Mormons The Thinks humarighes are real Mises fumly when the computer could understand love so he could be with y lover remboy aneeding farm ef Sectar The Separatist The Jazzpunked The Whirler The Xenobiologist The MilkMan THE PREDATOR The Land Lord The Wanderer emte thely low ndcom t ighe le the whaler The I.R.O.N Lots of people w ge ysome eles ant him dead Weisted level 17 once ever wet een www.w TIATEA The Ans-Computer Temoris The Escaped The Blood Flora Farmer The Bogs The Amicted Secretly rebel The Bloodsport host yood tend the n

In the following months, Randomaspland posted an additional base canon "MAW" compass[5] and supplemental independently canon compasses based on various timelines ("The Deep Dark Canon,"[6] "Death of the Computer,"[7] "War to Take the Surface"),[8] all based on characters submitted made by subreddit's members (shown below).

As of February 8th, 2022, the official /r/Everexpandingbunker sub had over 13,000 subscribers.


The Ever-Expanding Bunker lore is centered around several canons, most notably the original compass and its expanded version ("The Bunker"), "The Death of the Computer (DOTC)" canon, "The War to the Surface" canon and "The Deep Dark Canon," each of which explores different alternative timelines.

In all canons, several key elements are present:

  • Humanity was forced to enter an underground bunker following The Event. The nature of The Event is unknown. The Event made the surface currently uninhabitable.
  • The bunker consists of multiple levels (4000 according to the "MAW" canon).[9] Workers are always working on expanding the bunker further. The passage of time is measured in Cycles.
  • The top levels are governed by The Computer whose primary objective is protecting humanity. The Computer enforces a human breeding program with selected individuals forced to breed.
  • Sustenance is distributed by The Computer in the form of poor-quality food rations.
  • In addition to The Surface, dangers are present in the bunker. The Flesh is an Eldritch Hivemind-like entity that manifests itself through "flesh growths," which must be routinely cleaned by common workers.[10] The Bogs (based on The Bogdanoff Twins) are a mysterious non-bunker entity the nature of which differs between canons.

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