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Dejimachan ( is the most popular Dutch-language immageboard community with over 9000 active posts per week. And approximately 10,000 visitors a day. The community consists of Dutch, Flemmish, German, South-African, Moroccan and Finnish people. The site consists of 8 imageboards devided in tree categories. Dejimachan was created by old Sovjet-Nederland moderator Jedi-Mocro, after Sovjet-Nederland went offline because of internal and financial problems.


Dejimachan was launched on the 4th of April 2010 after Jedi-Mocro left the Sovjet-Nederland-team (an old Dutch imageboard which after Jedi-Mocro left was shut down). Jedi-Mocro didn't want to manage a website by himself so he asked the old S-N community for volunteers. Mitsjol and Jerbear decided to join Jedi-Mocro in his quest to produce Dutch internetgarbage. The three decided to make a website based on the Japanese imageboard 2-chan. Before the realization of Dejimachan, Jerbear decided to bail out and leave the Dutch "chan-scene" for ever. Jedi-Mocro and Mitsjol had trouble finding a decent server to host their website on so an user from the old S-N community named MonstaRr decided to help set-up the server.

The name

Pseudo-administrator Mitsjolol came up with a name for the website: "Dejimachan". Because the website the website software is based of the japanese 2chan and because the website was oriented towards the dutch Otaku-culture so Mitsjol came up with Dejimachan. Dejima was an old dutch trade post in Japan.

The administrators

The current administrators of Dejimachan are MonstaRr and Jedi-Mocro. After a month Mitsjol also decided to quit but he stayed active on the website which made him a Pseudo-admin. After a while |Kami|, a young handsome Flemish snackbar waiter joined the team to help with their technical problems but left after a while because of some personal reasons.

Media coverage

Dejimachan was covered on Geenstijl (a very popular Dutch satirical news site), and the Dutch national news, for supposedly housing a person that threatened Dutch politicians via Twitter. The administrators made clear however, that Dejimachan and their staff was not responsible for any of the threats.

After that Dejimachan and members of the website where frequently covered on Geenstijl and the national news for their support to Wikileaks and because they published information about pedofiles and cyberbullies.


Dejimachan took over several Sovjet-Nederland memes and spawned new ones
Henk de Vries
Kerson vs Appelen
Schrob Schrob Schrob
Berg in de Fik
BBs, schat wat is je ping
Brandend sneeuw
Henk Verdoorn
Blonde Mop
Kabouter Wesley
Die Rooie
We zijn binnen
Rode Duimpjes Regen
Joris Linssen

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