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Created by u/therealtoastiposti, r/ModMurder is a subreddit based off the likes of Total Drama Island and Survivor. Involving loads of drama and memes, ModMurder (or MD, as many members of the community refer to it as), has gone through numerous moderator and format changes, yet has stayed true to its original concept.
MD was designed as a month-long competition with 30 contestants (the number varies from season to season, as does the inclusion and type of teams) with daily eliminations based on a community vote. At the beginning of each season, a post is created with a bot command (eg: become-a-contestant) to enter the contestant drawing, and after a few days, a bot will randomly choose a set number of entrants to become a contestant mod for that season. Each day, the head administrator of the community (currently u/RPG_Ivan) releases a new challenge for the contestants to complete, as well as a poll to determine who will be eliminated. The challenges range from writing a fanfiction story about oneself to creating a sbubby-esque logo for ModMurder. In the end, the last contestant standing is awarded the position of permanent moderator, and usually helps out the other moderators with running the subreddit and Discord server, where most of the action takes place.
Previous seasons
Season 1, taking place in August of 2018, involved two teams, each with fifteen contestants. At the end of the month, only u/Lil_Mozart remained, leaving other contestants in the dust (although a few, including u/RPG_Ivan and u/DvaCannotCrouch, became moderators and led the subreddit later on). In September, u/Morlock543 won Season 2, which was comprised of three teams of ten contestants each, although the main topic of conversation was a revolution in which u/RPG_Ivan and his allies attempted to win control of the subreddit from u/AlexPapadopoulos. In the most recent season at the time of publication, a new format was used for teams: this time, twenty teams of two contestants each. u/The14thSniper won a fierce battle against a fierce rival: u/turtlemaster942, a first-time contestant who quickly gained followers. With multiple inter-team battles, houses of Slavs, Chogs, Lads, Crows, and Ducks, more drama than ever before, and a greatly expanded Drama Mod Times (the primary news provider of ModMurder), S3 surpassed all expectations.

Season 4
S4 of ModMurder, called Super ModMurder, is scheduled to begin on November 1st, 2018. It will include 60 contestants in four teams of fifteen each, and you can enter here!

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