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Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine created by Wolfram Research, which provides answers to factual queries submitted by the user using vast amounts of curated computable data and semantic indexing of text.


Wolfram Alpha[6] users can submit factual queries in a provided text field, which is then computed by the answer engine that displays any relevant visualizations and information. Queries can be submitted as natural language questions that are interpreted by the engine using the Wolfram Research Mathematica toolkit.

Wolfram Alpha:RE knowledge engine Enter what you want to calculate or know about: Examples Random Explore some of the things Wolfram Alpha can do Step-by-step inxMathematics Statistical & Data Analysis Linguistics Measures People & History 18 Dates & Times b Chemistry | Culture & Media Money & Finance Physics Astronomy Music | Health & Places & Engineering Food & Nutrition Weather & Meteorology Technological World Materials Earth Sciences Life Sciences Sports & Games IA Computational Web & Computer Systems Tra tation Surprises


In 1987, British computer scientist Stephen Wolfram[2] founded the computation software company Wolfram Research.[1] On May 18th, 2009, the company publicly launched the answer engine Wolfram Alpha. On December 3rd, an iPhone app for the engine was released. On October 6th, 2010, an Android app was released on the Google Play store. On February 8th, 2012, the Wolfram Alpha Pro service was launched for a monthly subscription fee, offering several premium features including the ability to upload various file types and data.


Reddit AMA

On March 5th, 2012, Wolfram participated in an "ask me anything" (AMA) post on the /r/IAmA[7] subreddit. Prior to being archived, the post gained over 3,100 votes (94% upvoted) and 2,900 comments.

Fictional Character Curves

On May 17th, 2013, the WolframAlpha Blog[3] published a post announcing engine's "fictional character curves," which can display graphs of fictional characters based on various mathematical formulas (shown below).

graph turtwig curve Ξ Examples Randcm Input interpretation Turtwig-like curve (popular curve) image Result:

Wolfram Language

On February 24th, 2014, Stephen Wolfram posted a video introducing Wolfram Language, describing the project as a "knowledge-based programming language" (shown below).

Image Identification Project

On May 13th, 2015, Wolfram Research launched the "Wolfram Language Image Identification Project" at the website ImageIdentify.com,[5] which attempts to identity the subject in any image submitted to the site.

The Wolfram Language Image ldentification Project Sample images to try Drag an image of anything here (or click to browse)


As of May 2015, the answer engine reports that it receives 710,000 visits per day based on estimates from the traffic analytics site Alexa.[8]

Wolfram Alpha RD computational knowledge engine what is wolfram alpha's traffic Examples Random Assuming wolfram alpha's" is an internet domain | Use the input as referring to international transportation statistics instead Input interpretation wolframalpha.com daily visitors Result 710 000 visits/day (visits per day) (based on Alexa estimates, as of May 15, 2015) More Unit conversions: 8.218 visits/s (visits per second) 493.1 visits/min (visits per minute) 29583 visits/h (visits per hour) 4.97 million visits/wk (visits per week) 21.6 million visits/mo (visits per month) History Last Month Log Scale 1200 1000 400 Oct (from May 15, 2014 to May 13, 2015) (in thousands of visits per day) (7-day moving averages)

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