So Brave

So Brave

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"So Brave" is a sarcastic expression used to dismiss a comment or patronize someone for falling in line with popular opinions on the social news site Reddit. Due to its excessive use, the phrase has been also satirized as a cliché on Reddit’s numerous “circlejerk” communities, often accompanied by the phrase "literally Hitler" and references to United States Representative Ron Paul and astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson.


Redditor runrunwootwoot submitted a post to the /r/politics[7] subreddit on October 7th, 2008, citing the U.S. Senator John McCain's scandalous quote “I hate the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live” from 2000. In the comments, Redditor rgladstein recounted a story about confronting a coworker’s racist language, to which an unknown Redditor replied “You are so brave for standing up to racial injustice.”


On August 3rd, 2010, Redditor timeshifter_ submitted a post titled "Super Trollface Bros" to the /r/gaming subreddit, which featured an image of several characters from the Super Mario video game franchise illustrated as rage faces. In the thread, Redditor SloaneRanger remarked that the character Luigi was making a Zach Anner face, who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, to which Redditor miloir sneered “This was so brave."

个[-] locodoso 3 points 1 year ago (613) What face is luigi making? permalink save hide child comments source 个[-] SloaneRanger . 4 points 1 year ago (915) Zach Anner by the look of it. ...yeah, I'm going to hell. permalink parent save source 个[-] miloir 4 points 1 year ago (410) This was so brave. permalink parent save source

On December 4th, 2010, redditor sevans59 submitted a post[4] calling for other Redditors to close their Amazon and Paypal accounts in protest of their embargo against the online publication Wikileaks. In the same post, an unknown Redditor replied with a pledge to close the accounts, to which Redditor otnasnom replied “Wow! Such a sacrifice on your part! You so brave!” On June 20th, 2011, Redditor Mitcheypoo submitted a post to the satirical /r/circlejerk[5] subreddit titled "I'm a pro-choice/gay marriage/legalization/socialize health care/separation of church and state staunch Republican! Ask me anything liberal Reddit! I'm so Brave!"

On November 25th, 2011, a post reached the front page of Reddit titled "A Very Brave Woman"[6], which highlighted a YouTube video of a woman with acne demonstrating how she applies make up (shown above). In the post, Redditor baumkramer replied "so brave" in bold text. On January 9th, 2012, Urban Dictionary[2] user lubemyboobs submitted an entry for "so brave."

1. so brave 58 up, 2 down A sneeringly disdainful epithet popularised on Reddit with the intention of scornfully dismissing the pretence of posting a controversial opinion when it's blindly obvious that everyone within a certain comment thread will agree with it. Posting on r/billymadison Redditor 1: Screw the downvoters, I'lI say it anyway. O'Doyle rules! Redditor 2: So brave..

On January 20th, the "So Brave" Quickmeme[9] page was created, showcasing various image macros based on a photograph of United States Representative and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul. On January 23rd, an entry for "So Brave" was submitted to the Reddit-related wiki Reddipedia[8], which included the Urban Dictionary definition. On March 19th, Redditor IAmAnAnonymousCoward submitted a post to the /r/TheoryOfReddit[3] subreddit questioning the origins of the phrase, noting its prevalence in the /r/circlejerk and /r/ShitRedditSays communities.

Notable Examples

Brave Hate So brave ( t submitted 2 months ago by Burg ustu 1390 482 comments share source save hide report hide all child comments WE TRUST ATHEISM | ↑ EFMCSIMMONS CH 23 points 9 months ago (2310) The only 'ist' I am, is an atheist." -Neil DeGrasse Tyson permalink source save-RES give gold hide child comments [-] . moromoue ③ [S] 13 points 9 months ago (152) Very brave permalink source save-RES parent give gold mongzords So hardcore, So brave! ( 47 1934 (936817434) submitted 4 months ago by Code347to funny 93 comments share save hide report[I+c] poured Capri Sun int‘ a glass once Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson @redditcj As a scientist and advocate of free speech, I am very impressed with Reddit Circlejerlk today for standing up in support of Gawker Media. I hereby nominate CJ for the National Science Foundation's Medal of Bravery. #YOLO 971 RETWEETS 384 FAVORITES P&V 4:39 PM-11 Oct 2012 - via Twitter Embed this Tweet ← Reply Delete ★ Favorite BRAVERYILEVEL THE MOVIE Doritos- Dorítos COMING SOON

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