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Somebody Once Told Me

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"Somebody Once Told Me" is the first line of the 1999 Smash Mouth song "All Star." After appearing in the opening scene of the 2001 animated children's film Shrek, the line became the subject of a photo set meme.


"All Star" was the first single on rock band Smash Mouth's sophomore album, Astro Lounge, which was released on June 8th, 1999. Shrek, an animated children's comedy film, was released on May 18th, 2001. In the opening scene of the film Shrek, the protagonist slams a door open just as the song begins.

This concept later led to a photo meme which splits a scene from a TV show or movie which features something being slammed, or someone being surprised by a slam or loud noise into two parts, one before the slam captioned "some-" and one after the slam captioned "body once told me." One of the earliest examples features Pokemon character Gary Oak slamming a door on Ash. The photo set was published by Tumblr user jelly-fishes[1] on April 9th, 2013. As of June 2014, it had gained over 21,000 notes.

some BODY once told me HOLY SHIT THIS IS STILL GETTING NOTES 21814 % 1 year ago Tagged: this, Somebody once told me, fuck you, GARY


In 2013 there were five Somebody Once Told Me posts published on Tumblr which gained over 1,000 notes.

On April 19th, Tumblr user wet-monsoon[5] published a post which featured characters from Gravity Falls. As of June 2014, the post has gained over 1,500 notes.


Also on April 19th, Tumblr user puella-la[6] published a post which featured Andrew Hussie as he appears in Homestuck. As of June 2014, the post has gained over 1,500 notes.

DE! BODY ONCE TOLD ME Posted 1 year ago 1,527 notes Tagged: some, body once told me, homestuck, somebody once told me, funny, andrew hussie

On April 20th, Tumblr user electric-emperor[2] published a post which featured characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. As of June 2014, the post has gained over 4,000 notes.


On May 9th, Tumblr user rory-odair[4] published a post which featured characters from A Very Potter Musical. As of June 2014, the post has gained over 2,000 notes.

BODY once told me may 9th2,047 notes tagged: sorry I'm sorry i just somebody once told me avps starkid mine

On August 8th, Tumblr user sennpie[3] published a post which featured a character from the Dangan Ronpa anime. As of June 2014, the post has gained over 1,500 notes.

ome 风云直播 BoDY ONCE TOLDME blog → ilya 1● moi, 151@ Dangan ronpa, geno cider syo, genocider shou, Fukawa ↑ouko, touko Fukawa, Dangan ronpa animation, somebody once told

The World Was Macaroni

On April 20th, 2010, YouTuber GaMeSkZeRo[7] uploaded a video titled "Somebody Once Told Me The World's Was Macaroni," which featured a flip book style music video for a parody of "All Star," which changes the first line from "Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me," to "Somebody once told me the world's was macaroni." As of June 2014, the video has gained over 240,000 views. On October 10th, 2010, YouTuber howToBe12t[8] uploaded a video titled "Somebody Song (Allstar Parody)," which featured a similar parody of "All Star" set to a cartoon music video. As of June 2014, the video has gained over 97,000 views.

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A scene from a from a movie isnt a meme. Even if it is attach to the up and coming cult that is shrek. It has no year, no origin, no tags, no photos, no videos, no references.
And when you google it, this is one of the top images.

if this was anymore Deadpool Rob Liefeld would be involved.


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