Spirit/Office/University Lipdub

Spirit/Office/University Lipdub

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I think there is a sub-meme of the Meme “One take”, branching out from the Connected Ventures video: SPIRIT LIPDUBS. In various forms…

First, Office Lipdub, whether they are one-take or not, a couple years ago it really felt like it was the team building activity of the holidays celebration, some were at the initiative of a few employees and some were definitely sponsored by the company management (and professionally set up), as if any company that wanted to be considered a cool company (to recruit or to sell more) had to upload company lipdub on youtube or on their press website… At first as most internet meme it was mostly Internet/Communication companies but it has quickly widened to any type of companies.

A few examples, sorry most of those are French, but Im sure the meme is worldwide.
- AOL : this one is the first famous French one/big one done Venture Connected style, and that has been massively shared among online French companies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq5XcdKoKLc
- Groupe Beumanoir : its a multi-brand clothing company, so its basically a lipdubbed fashion show, its definitely sponsored by the management as a team building event, its perfectly staged, choregraphed, synched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0XjHhhamDQ
- Toys R’Us : I think this one particularly good as well : location all the rows of the shop give really good movement and the shop itself provide funny accessorizes, the genuine fun & average joe style of the participants is heart warming, its prepared but its not staged like the Beaumanoir one, they are both great examples of the 2 different types of company lipdubs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjvUl-F94
- zaOza : this one is interesting as its a multi location one, across Paris Berlin Marseille offices, but transition are flawless and you can barely noticed its 3 locations, you can identify Berlin by all the beers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6YOEvhNcPs
- Kia Motors : This one is not a One Take, but its very well edited and synched, and the choice of the song is great for this kind of editing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl1e5alBOPk
- RTL radio group : one of the reason why this one was somewhat famous is because among the employees that participate several are radio host, of the various radios of the group, who are also famous TV show host in France, it would be like having a lipdub with Jay Leno, David Letterman Oprah and others at the same time, at the small French level of course. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsRXBNjxgp4
- Poulets de Loué – I selected this one for 2 reasons to show that lip dub trend has reached every industry, and to show that from just lip-singing more and more lipdub project try to promote messages as well, here traditional poultry farming (no battery/ only outdoor), the song says “no no nothing has changed, every things keeps going the same” footage compare current farming with a few old footage of the company but most of the videos black & white videos have been shot for the lipdub “old style” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6it07Uq_vRM

2/And after company lipdub… University Lipdub, if you can build team spirit in a company, just imagine how much you can do with student to show shcool spirit…
- UQAM, University of Quebec Montreal : A very big hit on youtube with more than 2.5 millions to date as it’s a very good lipdub : a lot of people (172 students), location is perfect for the one take movement, the song is great as it’s the current big hit from Black eyed peas I gotta feeling , staging is professional and creative… at the end of the lipdub you basically just want to go party with them. 1 month of planning for the organizers, 1 day preparation for the students, 2 rehearsals, 2 take, 2d take with no edit…
- HEC Montreal : the UQAM lipdub actually comes 3 years after the first HEC Montreal lipdub (though not one take)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jt_kuRPcNM4 , and they have produced several since the latest one already quite big in views on youtube and quite well set up one take https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BID434JaYmk
So its to wonder if there is going to be some kind of rivalry for the best university lipdub on Montreal streets? Well considering the list of business schools, universities and even now high schools producing lipdub during orientation week, student board election campaigns or just for the fun of it, the contest for the most viewed university lipdub is definitely on and its with no surprise there is now even websites dedicated to the phenomenon http://universitylipdub.com

The UQAM lipdub has been so huge, that already a dozen of other I gotta feeling lipdub have been made in a few weeks. The song is particularly fit and fun for this. Would there be a sub² meme to this sub meme, called I gotta feeling lipdub?

3/ As lipdub are all about showing together our spirit and unity around something it’s not surprising that some took it to the next level: Demonstration Lipdub! Wether it is to claim for changes or show your support and opinions!

- Castres <=> Mazamet Highway: Hell, we are French we love to have political or labour claims and demonstrate and here the lipdub has been very nicely used to show why and how much south of Tarn region needs a new highway to connect the people, help them grow business, develop their cities without leaving their region. The song Toi + Moi (You + Me, by an online discovered & produced artist Gregoire) has been rewritten to explain all the benefits expected by getting the highway, just like any classic demonstration hymn.

- Quebec city mayor Regis Labeaume: In Quebec city mayor election was held on 1st November and following the success of the UQAM lipdub, NRJ Quebec radio and a supporter group of the current mayor created a lipdub during the campaign before the election, also based on the Black eyed peas song but rewritten to list all his achievements and projects for next mandate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIN1OGYxp6M

Lipdub of all Lipdub “Rockcollection”
It all started back in 1977 with the release of Rock Collection song by Laurent Voulzy (original video here), the song tells how everybody have great memories linked to great rock songs, and so the song itself is a medley of famous rock songs… a rockcollection. In 2009 a big web 2.0 event has been set up on youtube by the singer himself, where he invites any group of people to produce a lipdub on one of the rock extract of his original song, and then all those are put together to create a new music video for the Rock Collection song. Well the latest edit is now 19 minutes long and shows many different group of people lipdubbing from primary school classroom to fishmarket, quite traditional companies employees to rugby team players and hair salon employees…
I think it’s a clever and honest way that this singer found to surf on a meme…

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