Milk and Cereal Lip Dub

Milk and Cereal Lip Dub

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First published on in fall of 2003, "Milk and Cereal" features two Virginia Tech students named Matt Feidler and Dan Loveless lip synching to the song "Milk and Cereal" by the band G. Love & Special Sauce. Both students use spoons in place of microphones and use a box of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and a gallon jug of milk as props.

For the sake of memetic clarity, it is important to note here that although the source material is a song from a well-known group (on MTV since 1994), the meme consists of the common manner in which the videos were produced.

  • Typically two people are present.
  • They lip dub.
  • Props are used.
  • Typically shot using only a webcam (with exceptions)


Feidler and Loveless posted their video on AlbinoBlackSheep on October 19th, 2003.

By May of 2004, the video was posted to Ebaumsworld, where it grew in popularity,

By November 19th, 2005, Youtube was a brand-new community, and user dt408sc02, AKA Alex and Michaelof Saratoga High School, uploaded their own version.

The original video spawned countless recreations, including one featuring a puppet Yoda and a green Sasquatch, and one by former Formula One driver Scott Speed along with his friend and fellow race driver Colin Fleming.


Although never a popular fad on YTMND, Milk and Cereal inspired the creation of a few derivatives, with fairly low views, and similarly low ratings. The do not technically qualify as part of the Lip Dub meme, but simply related activity.

On October 14th 2004, sloth created the first Milk and Cereal YTMND

A total of 9 YTMNDS were created between 2004-2006, and one more in 2008. All can be viewed here.

Response Videos

A wide number of Milk and Cereal Lip Dubs have been created, including one starring G. Love himself, joined by his son.

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