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"Stop Scrolling" Blue Guy

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The "Stop Scrolling" Blue Guy, also known as the "Stop Scrolling" Blue Alien, refers to a series of videos from the TikTok account @holdspaceformytribe that parodies manifestation and spirituality content by using a blue alien character who commands the viewer to "stop scrolling" and to either "receive this healing" or "repeat these numbers." The objective that the alien is healing is often ridiculous, such as healing an ingrown toenail or finding love at the Home Depot, among others. The account started posting the videos in mid-2022, continuing into 2023. The videos were reposted elsewhere, such as Instagram and YouTube. They were also re-edited and used in other memes.


On July 19th, 2022, TikToker @holdspaceformytribe uploaded its first TikTok[1] video which featured a blue alien laughing. On July 21st, the account posted another TikTok[2] featuring the blue alien, additionally referencing a "third eye" and attempting to "heal" the viewer. The video was the first of its kind on the channel. The channel continued to post content featuring the blue guy, however, the TikToker wouldn't go viral until they uploaded a TikTok[3] on November 17th, 2022, that had the blue guy command, "Stop scrolling… Relax and receive this healing." Over the course of six months, the video gained roughly 442,000 plays and 62,000 likes (shown below).

@holdspaceformytribe Please receive this Healing Blast! #lightlanguagehealing #lightlanguage #lightlanguagetransmission #lightlanguageactivation #ascension #5d #healing ♬ original sound – holdspaceformytribe

Stop scrolling. If you're seeing this video, it's not an accident. Relax, and receive this healing [moaning sound].


On the following day, November 18th, 2022, TikToker[4] @holdspaceformytribe posted a new video in which the blue guy urged the viewer to repeat the numbers "52281896" (similar to Grabovoi numbers[5]) in order to heal their ingrown toenail, gaining roughly 266,100 plays and 20,600 likes in six months (shown below, left). The video gained variant usage, such as a video posted by TikToker[6] @admballz69fan on November 20th, which received roughly 10,200 plays and 840 likes (shown below, right).

@holdspaceformytribe Repeat these #grabavoi numbers for ingrown toenail healing #grabavoicodes #healing #5d #lightlanguage #lightlanguagetransmission #spirituality ♬ original sound – holdspaceformytribe

@admballz69fan @holdspaceformytribe #real #theyneedtobestopped #inmywalls #help ♬ Help me – funachiever462

Variant usage of @holdspaceformytribe's original video also surfaced, such as on November 23rd, 2022, when TikToker[7] @burnt.oats posted a photo slideshow that portrayed the boy from Couple Texting In Bed seeing the video and then becoming the blue guy, gaining roughly 269,500 plays and 41,500 likes in six months (screen recording shown below).

TikToker @holdspaceformytribe's videos gained more engagement soon after, such as on December 9th, 2022, the account posted a TikTok[8] that was its first to break 1 million plays, earning roughly 1.5 million plays and 181,700 likes in five months (shown below, left). The video showed the blue guy helping with "mosquitos in your urethra." The video also gained memetic usage in early 2023, such as on May 24th, 2023, TikToker[9] @tadrs inserted the guy into a "heartbreak" CapCut template, gaining roughly 319,200 plays and 60,000 likes in one day (shown below, right).

@holdspaceformytribe Get rid of the pests! #grabovoi #grabovoicodes #grabovoinumbers #lightlanguage #healing #spirituality #spiritualitytiktok #lightlanguagetransmission ♬ original sound – holdspaceformytribe

@tadrs #sad #CapCut ♬ original sound – Grims

TikToker @holdspaceformytribe's videos also started gaining viral reposts in early 2023, predominantly on Instagram.[10][11] For instance, on January 25th, 2023, Instagram[10] user @niggaamann reposted one of the videos, gaining roughly 100,000 likes in four months.

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