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Click is a 2006 comedy film starring comedian Adam Sandler as an architect who uses a powerful universal remote to manipulate the passage of time. The film has been widely mocked in various online communities, inspiring the creation of parodies and photoshop memes.


On June 23rd, 2006, the film Click was released, in which the protagonist Michael Newman (played by Adam Sandler) receives a magical remote from a man named Morty (played by Christopher Walken), granting him the ability to warp space and time to his will (shown below).

Online Presence

On October 29th, 2006, YouTuber g0d53nd uploaded a scene from the film in which actor Terry Crews sings the 1981 pop-rock song "Working For the Weekend" by Loverboy (shown below). Within 11 years, the video gained over 799,000 views and 380 comments.

On November 28th, 2013, Twitter user @electrolemon[7] tweeted a photograph of a bookshelf filled with 57 Click DVDs (shown below). Within four years, the tweet garnered more than 94,000 likes and 60,900 retweets.

demi adejuyigbe @electrolemon Follow 4 months ago i quietly left 57 dvds of 'click' at my parents' house and they've still never noticed or mentioned it RETWEETS LIKES 60,962 94,364 4:30 PM-28 Nov 2013

On June 29th, 2014, YouTuber VideoGameDunkey uploaded a video in which he reads various IMDB reviews for the film (shown below). Within three years, the video gained over 2.1 million views and 3,400 comments.

On September 20th, 2015, Redditor ontheroadagain_ submitted a post titled "What's with Click by Adam Sandler?" to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[3] to which Redditor Mrhores_cat replied that it was a "circlejerk". The following day, the @FriedMemes[6] Twitter feed posted a Real Nigga Hours-themed deep fried version of a Click promotional image (shown below, right).


On June 4th, 2016, the FuckJerry Facebook[5] page posted a cropped promotional image for Click referring to it as "overly photoshopped" (shown below, left). On December 4th, the thestateonmtv Tumblr[4] blog posted the full promotional image Click, describing it as "extremely airbrushed" and "classic" (shown below, right).

When your aesthetic is overly photoshopped adam sandler on the cover of click LIFE MENU CLICK thestateonmtv this extremely airbrushed picture of adam sandler from the promotional material for Click (2006) is so classic

Recently, the movie poster has been used for photoshop memes.

Poster Photoshops

The film's official movie poster has been widely photoshopped online as well, which typically substitute the remote control for a variety of other humorous objects (shown below).

What if You Had a Gum? D L E R GUN KATE BECKINSALE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN What if you had a chicken nugget? A D A M S A N D LE R NUG KATE BECKINSALE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN What if you had an arachaid A D A M S A N D LEN SPIDER KATE BECKINSALE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN JUNE 23 anu What if You Had a Hybrid Consol... Allowing Different Modes To Play? N I N T E N D O SWITCH MARCH 3 funny.Ce What if you had a dead meme? A D A M S A N D L E R DAT BO KATE BECKINSALE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN JUNE 23 What if You Had a Universal Remote... That Controlled Your Universe? A D A M S A N D L E R DOG KATE BECKINSALE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN JUNE 23 C funny


The film has received mostly negative reviews, holding a score of 32% on Rotten Tomatoes[1] and 45/100 on Metacritic.[2]

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