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Stoner Comics / Tree Comics

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Stoner Comics, also known as Tree Comics, are a series of MS Paint-styled web comics that use psychedelic drugs as a comedic plot device, mostly cannabis. The comics illustrate various commonly shared experiences or sensations while under the influence of marijuana, with each pane carrying more colors as the story progresses.


Though is rumored that the first stoner comics appeared on the drug-centric imageboard 420chan in 2009, the earliest archived comics can be found on 4chan's random board /b/ in early 2010, being one of the earliest references to them a post on the marijuana entusiasts subreddit /r/trees on April 19th, 2010,[11] linking to a /b/ thread archived on the now defunct chanarchive.


On May 10th, 2010, a tumblr blog dedicated to the comics was created,[4][8] being followed by other blogs with similar theme.[3][5] On July 14th, 2010, a /r/trees[1] spin-off subreddit dedicated to tree comics was created, gaining over 31,000 subscribers on 5 years.[10] Stoner comics can also be found on dedicated pages,[2][12] Tumblr[9] and 4chan.[6][7]

Widdly Scuds

Widdly Scuds is a slang term used by members of the stoner subculture in order to refer to a desperate but incoherent attempt at ordering fast food due munchies, adopted from a stoner comic where the main character attempts to order a bacon burrito from Taco Bell, wording "Widdly scuds?" at the end of his command (shown bellow). On April 5th, 2010, user ontario submitted a definition for "Widdly Scuds" on Urban Dictionary, gaining over 1000 in five years.[14] Uses of the term can also be found on communities like Tumblr[13] or 4chan.[15]

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Dad! My weed iS missing! what 义STONERCOMICS.NET on Ara SON I NEED TO TALK TO YOU CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Me friends 360 music visualizer going orn *this is a bed* tV Vm f------ high,

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