The Problem Solverz

The Problem Solverz

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The Problem Solverz is an American animated television series on Cartoon Network produced by Miari Films and Cartoon Network Studios and created by Ben Jones, a member of the art collective known as Paper Rad.

The show was released on April 4th, 2011, and has recieved a ton of hate over the internet, ever since. It's mainly due to the show's excessive use of neon colors, awkward animation, and strange character designs.

The show hasn't aired on Cartoon Network since September 29th, 2011, and it's unknown whether or not the series has been cancelled, or if they're working on a second season.

The Plot

The show revolves around three best friends who solve problems. Horace, who is the calm, cool-headed leader of the team, Roba, who is Horace's insecure and anxious twin brother who claims to be a robot on his mother's side of the family, and Alfe, who is Horace's pet half human-dog-maneater who is obsessed over food. Whenever they're stumped or need help, they usually ask for advice from Tux Dog, an incredibly wealthy tuxedo wearing anthromorphic dog who lives in a Penthouse.

The show's humour is incredibly surreal, mainly due to the problems they have to solve. Most of them are basic problems that are blown completely out of proportion, such as one episode where they're trying to find a box of cereal for a kid, only to find out that the cereal was created by an insane fish who lives in an underwater castle filled with cereal and is bent on making every kid in the world crazy, as well as another episode where they try to help a little girl find her mother, who was kidnapped during a game of hide and seek. They then search for her in Tux Dog's hot air balloon to find out that she's been held hostage in a ninja hideout that sits on a cloud, where they train in the ancient tactics of hide and seek.


From Wikipedia

The characters Alfe, Roba, and Horace appeared in a comic titled "Roba" which was on the "Paper Rad" website. The comic was made in 2001. They once again appeared in another comic on the website titled "MB". Their first animated appearance was in a music video titled "star kings", also on the Paper Rad website. The first full length animation was a short titled "Alfe" included on the 2006 "Trash Talking" DVD (released by Load Records). In 2008, several short episodes of a show called "Problem Solvers" appeared on YouTube, and were included in a DVD with the periodical "The Ganzfield 7". While these episodes didn't contain the characters, they did introduce the "problem solving" element of the show.

In 2010, Neon Knome was pitched as an adult-oriented animated series for Cartoon Network's late night programing block, Adult Swim, and was released on as part of their "Big Uber Network Sampling". Later, in December 2010, Adult Swim announced that Neon Knome was too "mindblowingly cute" for them, and that it was being re-tooled as a regular Cartoon Network show, which combined both previous ideas.


Once this show aired on Cartoon Network, viewers began posting reaction videos on YouTube, deviantArt, 4chan, and many other websites. Almost every complaint involved the show's excessive use of neon colours, it's awkward animation, or the strange character designs (mostly targetted towards Horace and Alfe). IMDb scored the show with 1/10, even claiming it to be "the worst animated show ever made." Even the official pilot even gained over 2,000 dislikes on YouTube, shortly after it was posted.

As of now, no full episodes of the series are available on YouTube, but there are some episodes available on other websites, as well as dozens of reaction videos and reviews of the show still available, along with some clips and trailers from the show.

PROBLEM SOLVERZ – "Mayan Ice Cream Caper" – Final from CN Original Series on Vimeo.

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