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Wolf Girl With You

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Wolf Girl With You (alternative title Together With the Wolf Girl) is an eroge game developed by Seismic based upon the character Liru from the anime Renkin 3-kyu Magical Pokaan.


Early Development

Production of the game began on May 11th, 2014,[13] by Seismic[1] with a trial version being available on the adult eroge website DLsite.[4][14] Works on the Liru model[8] were updated starting August 30, 2011.[9] Popularity for the game started to increase as the developer continued to update the game, albeit with lengthy periods of inactivity.

The game was delayed from its initial release date to add new features and further polish the game.[11] These updates included lip syncing, an improved chapter selection screen, and, due to high interest and push from fans overseas, an English text option. The game also included the new "Shout!" feature, which allows players to use the microphone to play the game without having to use the mouse.

Never Ever

On June 26th, 2015, the developer of the game tweeted [8] that due to an error with his computer drive he had lost some of the game's assets (shown below).[12] After this announcement, the developer rarely made any update in the development of the game, and began to focus more on some of his other hobbies.

In reply to this, users on 4chan's /h/ board started referring to the game as "Never Ever" or "Never Ever Wolf Girl" due to the long wait and inactivity on updates from the game's developer.



The game finally released on June 10th, 2016, on DLsite.[4][2] The game sold over 2,000 copies in a day, becoming #1 for both weekly and monthly sales on the English DLsite. In less than a month the game became the 4th best seller on the English Dlsite.[7][17] It went on to become the top-selling game of the year 2016[5][16], as well as surpassing games like Nekopara in weekly sales, it also became the second best selling game in the Japanese DLsite of the year 2016.[6][15]


Cancer-Anon was an inside joke on the /h/ boards of 4chan after the made-up story of a user that was following the Liru project had passed away due to cancer. The story goes that on August 3rd, 2015, Cancer-Anon's son had announced that his father has passed away from cancer with a figurine balanced on his forehead. Following the death, the community mourned the anon.[10] A day later Seismic shared his condolences to the son and apologized for not meeting his expectations.

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Wolf Girl With You (alternative title Together With the Wolf Girl) is an eroge developed by Seismic based upon the Renkin 3-kyu Magical Pokaan character Liru.


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