Sweaty Speedrunner

Sweaty Speedrunner

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Sweaty Speedrunner refers to a viral webcam footage in which YouTuber H*ck No pretends to be going through an intense gaming session, appearing focused, nervous and sweating profusely. Originating from a viral Among Us meme, the footage has since been reused for various Meme Speedrun videos.


On October 3rd, 2020, YouTuber[1] H*ck No posted a humorous Among Us video titled "Among Us but You're Stuck With the Worst Task (Meme)." In the video, H*ck No unsuccessfully tries to complete the Card Swipe task for nearly four minutes, with the webcam showing H*ck No sweating and rapidly mashing keyboard buttons. The video received over 530,400 views in two months (shown below).


On June 30th, 2020, H*ck No uploaded[2] a similar Meme Speedrun video titled "Picture My Booty up in 3D but it's a Speedrun in 1:13:08 (ANY%)" which received nearly 1.3 million views in six months (shown below).


In early October 2020, H*ck No's video received viral spread online through multiple reposts on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and YouTube. For example, on October 5th, 2020, content creator and video editor Sive reuploaded[3] the meme to Twitter, with the post gaining over 823,000 views, 15,600 retweets and 80,300 likes in two months. A same-day reupload by YouTube[4] user vahap kolgu garnered over 210,700 views in the same period, while a same-day repost by Redditor[5] luisr25 gained over 25,000 upvotes in /r/okbuddyretard.

Following the viral spread of the meme, H*ck No made the webcam footage available for download[6][7] to be reused in other memes.

On October 11th, Twitter[8] and Reddit[9] user Sliimex3 posted the earliest found meme reusing the footage, an osu! edit that received over 49,000 views, 1,300 retweet and 4,600 likes on Twitter and 1,600 upvotes in /r/osubuddyretard subreddit in two months (shown below).

On November 26th, Instagram[10] user breaditor posted a Cover Yourself In Oil version of the meme that received over 18,000 views and 3,200 likes and was widely circulated online in the following days.

In November and December 2020, viral versions of the meme were posted on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Npesta's Kenos Verification Reaction

Npesta's Kenos Verification Reaction refers to Geometry Dash streamer npesta's reaction to beating the entire custom level Kenos in a single attempt. The clip of Npesta celebrating his achievement gained popularity both as a reaction and as source material for various edits.

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