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That's Another One For Apocalypse Bingo

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That's Another One For Apocalypse Bingo is a reaction image featuring animated character Kronk (played by Patrick Warburton) from the 2000 comedy film The Emperor's New Groove. The image is typically used to describe 2020’s apocalyptic events, adding another one to the imaginary “apocalypse bingo” anytime a disaster, major world event or otherwise negative news story is released. The meme began appearing on a number of social media platforms after the 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic around March 2020.


The original clip that the meme is pulled from is seen during The Emperor's New Groove, released on December 10th, 2000, specifically the scene where Yzma and Kronk are out searching for Emperor Kuzco. During the clip (featured below), Yzma can be seen frantically running from a swarm of bugs as Kronk, equipped with quill and paper, notices a bird perched on a vine. Approaching it, Kronk says, “Oh, look. A golden-throated small-winged warbler. Just one more for exotic bird bingo. I am loving this.” Although the meme uses a still from this scene, Kronk never actually says the quote, “That’s another one for apocalypse bingo.”


The first meme using the reaction image was posted on March 18th, 2020, by Redditor[1] toxicpenguin9 to the r/memes sub under the title, “So we had a 5.7 earthquake in Utah this morning.” The post (seen below) received over 148,000 upvotes, 1,500 comments and numerous Reddit awards.

waking up to an earthquake this morning like That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo!

Another example was posted to r/memes by Redditor[2] blitzmeme69 on April 16th, 2020. This meme (shown below) was upvoted over 50,000 times and commented on another 329 times.

Science Artificial intelligence is evolving all by itself Blitzmeme69 That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo!

On April 7th, 2020, following the news of the Chernobyl Wildfires, the Facebook[3] page
Confessions of Crafty Witches II uploaded a meme to their newsfeed using the image. The post (seen below) received 574 shares, 329 likes and nine comments.

Hearing there's a radioactive forest fire outside Chernobyl That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo!

Imgur[4] user OctopussSevenTwo also posted a similar example on April 13th, 2020, alongside the title, “Krakatoa erupted a couple days ago too.” This post (shown below) received over 128,000 views, 5,000 points and 300 comments.

Chernobyl Wildfires Reignite, Stirring Up Radiation That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo!

On Instagram, various meme accounts adopted use of the image in several posts. One such example was uploaded on April 20th, 2020, by Instagram[5] account wearelibertarians. The meme (seen below) was liked 678 times.

**Kim Jong Un Slips Into Coma* That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo!

Additional examples of the meme can be seen in a number of Twitter posts throughout March and April 2020. Following the news that the Pentagon officially released three videos of UFO footage, Twitter[6] user CaptainRedFace1 replied to a tweet (shown below) with the reaction, receiving over 1,200 likes and 66 retweets.

Various Examples

Infamous volcano Krakatoa erupts near Indonesia By Anthony Leonardi April 10, 2020 - 10:45 PM That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo! Luigi- Ma x w ell 20 2 5 That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo! Joy @ From the Ashes Zine @imaginative joy LA: *has earthquake* LA Residents: That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo!

Burning object tears through the skies of Cambridgeshire for 20 minutes before hitting the ground That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo! TR KILL TR LRIL4 OPR 22.0 38 L OPR Z2.0 3 R 29 2° SCOOPWHOOP •1 MIN READ Pentagon Has Officially Released 3 UFO Videos Shot By US Navy Pilots In The Past 2020 That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo! E BBC News Hundreds of billions of locusts swarm in East Africa East Africa could be on the verge of a food crisis, if swarms of locusts are not controlled. 1 month ago That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo!


That's another one for Apocalypse Bingo!

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