This is Nice Board / Bury Pink Gril

This is Nice Board / Bury Pink Gril

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"This is nice entry" – Bury Pink Gril, 2015


"This is Nice Board" is a phrase commonly accompanied by a picture of a recolored version of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica character Madoka Kaname, and often used as a form of shitposting on 4chan's /s4s/ (shit 4chan says) board. This character is also known as Bury Pink Gril, a mispelled way to write "very pink girl".


The original illustration of the anime-styled girl with pink background, blue hair, red hair bows, and green eyes is related to the Madoka Magica series. The illustration was cropped from an awkward looking futanari artwork, which was drawn by gbb for a drawing chat thread in "may" of the /b/ boards in Futaba Channel (2chan). Then he reposted it to his pixiv page on May 6th, 2012.[1]

He's got good taste yes he does Homura is lucky ; '

The first known use of the phrase was on 4chan's /s4s/ board thread on November 8, 2013.[2] On the same thread, a mesage with the same image featured the message "she is bury pink girl", name that later would be given to the fanart crop.

Anonymous Fri 08 Nov 2013 20:13:53 No. 1233022 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>1233025 >>1233026 >>1233028 >>1233103>1233185 this is nice board Anonymous Fri 08 Nov 2013 20:14:33 No.1233025 Quoted By: >>1233027 Report >>1233022 ur mum's a nice board Anonymous Fri 08 Nov 2013 20:14:37 No.1233026 Report >1233022 Nice dubs 43KiB, 319x310, 1ab.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Anonymous Fri 08 Nov 2013 20:14:54 No. 1233027 Report >>1233025 #REKT


On November 13th, 2013, a thread on /s4s/ featured the same message with a real life modified picture of Katya Lischina, with blue hair, green eyes and everything else pink (shown bellow, left).[3] That made the original picture to be used as exploitable. and other pictures modified to have the same color scheme as it.[4] On December 16th, 2013, another /s4s/ thread featured a modified image of Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons with Bury Pink Gril's head and white skin (shown bellow, right).[5] This one was the first derivate from the picture.

The modified image started a series of derivates, being some of the most popular ones "very pink girl", first featured on a May 4th, 2014 thread;[6] and "beary pink girl", first featured on a February 16th, 2015 thread.[7] Also, crops from the original hentai image started being used.

origin of the pink Madoka's ass is a bit pointy original mean qirl ancestor(s) this fuckina board many other daughter variants bury pink grill unknown ancestor very white girl bury ebil girl beary pink bury pink curl very pink girl beary footy beary handy ancestor
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TODAY I WILL REMIND THEM this is nice board

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