Touch Of The Tism meme and catchphrase depicting the slang term on a puzzle background.

Touch Of The 'Tism

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Touch Of The 'Tism is a catchphrase and euphemism used online when saying that someone is "a little autistic" or has symptoms or characteristics associated with autism. The slang expression likely predates the modern internet, with the earliest internet evidence of the phrase being traced to a 2007 Rule 34 forum comment. After experiencing sporadic use on Twitter in the 2010s, use of the phrase "Touch of the 'Tism" grew exponentially after the 2020s, primarily due to its prevalence on TikTok.


The earliest known use of the phrase "Touch of the 'Tism" on the internet is an April 29th, 2007, comment reply left on an image posted to a Rule 34 forum. After a user posted a comment criticizing a gorey NSFW drawing depicting Steve Irwin and a stingray, another user suggested that he may have a "touch of the 'tism" (seen below).[1]

The VengefullOne2016: I want to kill the person who made this, and torture all the people who think this is funny.... I am dead inside, I try to find a good Rias Grimore pic on rule 34, yet I get sapped of more life than I have, I feel the need to punish the sick minded people of this world. You better be glad I don't have enough money to pay for a house with a basement... or you would be f----- severely.... there is no say in the other perverted f-------- out there, so I'd watch your ass if I was you... assholes. Anonymous 30: @TheVengefullOne2016: sounds like someone's got a touch of the 'tism anyways f--- steve irwin Anonymous Β³1: @TheVengefullOne2016 CRAWWW WWWWWWLIIING |||||||N MY SKI|||||||||||||||||

The catchphrase "touch of the 'tism" also experienced sporadic use on Twitter from 2010 onwards, with Twitter[2] user @Simply_Satin posting a tweet on March 18th, 2010 (seen below, left), and Twitter[3] user @thesixler posting another tweet on September 21st, 2013, that read, "I for one suggest we start calling asperger's a touch of the 'tism," gathering over 20 likes in 10 years (seen below, right).

Toya @Simply_Satin EVERYONE has a touch of the 'tism. Denying it doesn't make it any less true 9:03 AM. Mar 18, 2010 22 3 口 ←] μ†Œ thesixler @thesixler I for one suggest we start calling asperger's a touch of the 'tism. 4:59 PM . Sep 21, 2013 4 Retweets 24 Likes 27 ... β–‘


April 1st, 2019, marks the start of the Bronze Age Pervert's history of alleging that some animals have a touch of the 'tism (seen below, left).[4] A July 1st, 2020 Facebook[5] post by "Yeezy is the God Within My Religion" gathered over 5,000 reactions in three years (seen below, right).

Bronze Age Pervert @bronzeagemantis Calm tiger mother with sperg cub, a touch of the 'tism #BigCatMonday 8:38 PM - Apr 1, 2019 46 MYST Yeezy is the God Within My Religion 1 July 2020. Everyone has got that one mate who you all think has a touch of the 'tism 5.7K Like Comment 7.7K 743 Share

In 2022, the phrase was then popularized on TikTok, with TikToker[6] @sierrabagheera posting a video using it on April 11th, 2022, gathering over 35,000 plays and 8,400 likes in a year (seen below, left). On September 10th, 2022, TikToker[7] @cptsdwhisperer posted a video about how they know they have what they call a "touch of the 'tism" because of how they sit. The video gathered over 57,000 plays and 4,000 likes in 10 months (seen below, right).

@sierrabagheera #fyp #touchofthetism #autism #neurodivergent #safespace #hammok #autistic ♬ original sound – Sierra Martinez

@cptsdwhisperer Oop 🫣 #touchofthetism #nd #asd ♬ original sound – Mag


The phrase "touch of the 'tism" has been criticized by some autistic people for misrepresenting the realities of living with autism, as well as for perceivably stigmatizing the word "autism" instead. Redditors on /r/fakedisordercringe often discuss the use of the phrase in a negative way, with a November 25th, 2022, post by Redditor[8] Financial-Dealer-253 noting the term being used to diagnose Emma Chamberlain, a YouTuber who has never described herself as autistic (seen below).

1474 I'm not the only one who thinks Emma Chamberlain has some sort of neurodivergence goin on...right...? w-- is a tism radar Autism ( submitted 7 months ago by Financial-Dealer-253 X 120 comments share save hide give award report crosspost hide all child comments I'm not the only one who thinks Emma Chamberlain has some sort of neurodivergence goin onight? Q denga 603 comments Damn lemme pass some fries for all 9 don't understand why people think it's okay to speculate being nd about people they don't even know personally. i know everything about this women she 100% does 4d Reply Liked by creator perhaps she's got a touch of the tism 6 4d Reply Liked by creator 21 4d Reply Liked by creator P every famous person has a touch of the tism that's what makes them successful SP

On July 22nd, 2022, TikToker[9] @wonder_art posted a video criticizing the use of the phrase, gathering over 348,000 plays and 10,000 likes in a year (seen below, left). A January 12th, 2023, post by TikToker[10] @futuretown_ showed "touch of the 'tism" alongside other words they think are cringe, including "neurospicy." The post gathered over 100,000 plays and 20,000 likes in six months (seen below, right).

@wonder_art Hope this makes more senseπŸ˜‚#autism #autistic #actuallyautistic #autismawareness #autismoftiktok #autismtiktok #autisticadult #autistictiktok #autisticcreator #autistictok #asd #foryou #zxy #atouchofthetism ♬ original sound – Abbey

@futuretown_ my least favorite comments😸 #actuallyautistic #thetism #neurospicy #autismawareness #swag ♬ wowww cringe – cheesecake

Various Examples

@hisokasrighthairynut #duet with @hope_schwing ♬ original sound – bestspeedup

@nikotheherb #stitch with @emily anne #actuallyautistic #AuDHD ♬ original sound – Niko 🌿

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Nox Lucis
Nox Lucis

More "self-diagnosed autism" shit, I fear?
My autistic experience is that >90% of the population has no idea what ASD really looks like with views informed entirely by pop culture and their opinions on the topic entirely useless.

Leave diagnosis to the professionals, please.


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