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Bronze Age Pervert

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Bronze Age Pervert, often abbreviated as BAP, is an online personality, podcaster, author and influencer associated with rightwing points of view. Calling for a return to the values of the Bronze Age (meaning traditional gender roles and survival of the fittest, among other things) in writings inspired by philosophers like Nietzsche as much as by 4chan culture, Bronze Age Pervert became popular among certain circles in the online right and even within the Trump administration. They are also famous for coining terms such as "bugmen."


Bronze Age Pervert started posting on Twitter in 2013, participating in the group of accounts sometimes called "Frogtwitter."[1] Frequent topics of posting include bodybuilding, nude sunbathing and politics. Often, the account posts pictures of shirtless muscular men. For example, the tweet by Bronze Age Pervert seen below discusses these topics, and received almost 100 likes in January of 2020, before getting retweeted again by BAP in May of 2023.[10]

t Bronze Age Pervert Retweeted Bronze Age Pervert @bronzeagemantis. Jan 17, 2020 #HandsomeThursday surfer poses in Hawaii house paid for by the DNC and the DSA, they have become the #paypigs of right wing surfers 13 3 1488/ 94 3 ↑

In 2018, Bronze Age Pervert self-published the book Bronze Age Mindset through Amazon. The book features heavy theoretical references to philosophy and history, along with purposeful grammar errors.[2] It advocates for overthrowing the effeminate "bugmen" that BAP believes are in charge of the world, and calls for "men of bronze" to act and return the Earth to more traditional hierarchic values. Bronze Age Pervert is a pseudonym, and many journalists speculate that the author is actually a Romanian former PhD student at Yale University.[7] The book, which is known for its cryptic and unconventional style, concludes with this call to action:

I am sure this covenant, this brotherhood of the damned, when they are first taking steps to descend… will feel like the great mystery of things will reveal itself in its fullness to them…not the answer, ungraspable by the mind, but just this X, the madness inherent behind things will show itself as they are about to descend …it will be an amazing rush, like when great pterodactyl cryptid bird of prey in Congo is about to swoop down in the night on its target from canopy. I know such men of bronze exist…I dream that, as they descend they will keep their eyes above on the great North Star, and I think about how they will feel…I imagine how they will traverse the great labyrinth of shadows while their spirit fixes itself with a great focus and obsession on that fateful star, and that other one…the destroyer of nations… never forgetting the way back….not forgetting its call and the eternal task it whispers into those with ears to listen.

Bronze Age Mindset circulated mostly online until it was brought to broader attention by Michael Anton, who wrote a review of it in The Claremont Review Of Books called "Are The Kids Al(t)right?" reviewing BAP's thought and style.[3] In the review, Anton claims that he discovered the book when "tech entrepreneur and anti-democracy blogger Curtis Yarvin brought (Bronze Age Mindset) to a small dinner at my home," and then, after he nearly stopped reading it, a former speechwriter for Donald Trump and Matt Gaetz encouraged him to keep reading. Anton argues that the book inspired many young conservatives under thirty with its "anti-equality" message.

Often, readers post memes encouraging others to pick up the book. For example, this reply (seen below left) to a tweet by @MDAgathon on June 14th, 2022, showed a gorilla reading the book, and earned over 160 likes in a year.[8] The account itself usually posts takes and tweets similar to the writing in the book, like the one (seen below right) which received almost 1,700 likes on April 12th, 2023.[9]

BY BOKE BRONZE AGE Bronze Age Pervert @bronzeagemantis . 20h Only the male intellect, clouded by the sexual impulse, could call the undersized, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged sex the fair sex; for in this impulse is to be found its whole beauty. The female sex could be more aptly called the unaesthetic. 317 Jurrasic Fart @JurrasicFart2 BY BRONZE AGE PE BRONZE AGE MET 1332 1,170 This is true. I'm 100% straight but the male naked body is far more aesthetically beautiful than the female one. 5:13 PM. Apr 12, 2023

Following Anton's review, Politico published an article about Bronze Age Mindset describing it as "The alt-right manifesto that has Trumpworld talking."[4] Others, like Mike Cernovich have also commented on and reviewed BAP.

Online History

Bronze Age Pervert has maintained a Twitter presence since 2013, first under the username @bronzeageperv, before getting suspended in 2017. After a banning in 2017, the account started posting as @bronzeagedmantis. It was banned again in 2021, before becoming unbanned in December of 2022. As of May 2023, the account has over 105,000 followers.[5]

Bronze Age Pervert @bronzeagemantis : Follow Aspiring Nudist Bodybuilder. Free speech and anti-xenoestrogen activist. Get my book!amazon.com/Bronze-Age-Min.. bronzeagepervert.gumroad.com/l/BronzeAgePer... Joined March 2017 9,876 Following 105.2K Followers

In addition to an active Twitter account, Bronze Age Pervert hosts a paywalled podcast called "Caribbean Rhythms."[6]

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