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Ulzzang (Korean: "얼짱," literally meaning "best face") is a South Korean internet slang term that is commonly used to describe attractive looking netizens. Unlike other mainstream celebrities or actors that are known for similar appeals, "Ulzzang" usually refers to an ordinary person who arises to internet stardom solely as a result of his or her good look.


The honorary title "Ulzzang"[1] began to spread on the Korean web circa late 1990s, shortly after the introduction of consumer-grade digital cameras and social networking site Cyworld. Since its beginning, the term became closely associated with an emerging self-photography practice known as "Sel-ka," which is short for the Konglish term "self-camera." On the English-speaking web, there is a similar technique known as the MySpace angles.

PHOTOGRAPHER Haneu nuri Copyright Haneulnuri, All rights reserved cyworld.com/haneulnuri

The earliest known use of the label has been attributed to a group of three high school girls Song He Kyo, Lee Yu Jin and Han Hye Jin (shown below; top left) who collectively became known as the "Eun-Kwang Ulzzang Trio,"[3] named after the school they attended together in 2000. All of the three eventually went onto pursue modeling and acting careers.

은광여고 3대 얼짱 분당 2대 얼짱 송혜교 이진 한혜진 제이제이 이연회 강남 2대 얼짱 전지현 송혜교 박지윤 서지영 이민정


The term "Ulzzang," a portmanteau of Korean words for face ("Ul-gul") and best ("Zzang"), first came into usage in the mid to late 1990s, shortly after the superlative suffix "Zzang" entered the online vernacular among teenagers. There are two main linguistic theories as to the etymology of the term: one is rooted in the old Chinese character "Zang" (長) which means the head or the chief and the other theory asserts that it is derived from the Japanese honorific "-chan," which has a different meaning but used in a stylistically similar way. The term "Zzang" became officially accepted as a Korean slang term in 2002 with its recognition by the National Institute of the Korean Language.


While the concept of "Ulzzang" initially spread through words of mouth among high school students in the late 90s, the term became heavily associated with good-looking internet celebrities in 2000 after it was embraced by a number of popular message board sites like Daum Cafe as well as the proto-social networking site Cyworld. In the following years, numerous bulletin board-style "Ulzzang Cafes" were launched to serve as beauty-ranking websites in similar vein of Hot or Not. The phenomenon became even more widespread with the launch of Haduri, a webcam application and a photo-sharing platform focused on servicing the "Ulzzang" subculture.

즐거운 만남 하두리포토 I 채팅 I UCC I 홈피 1 까페&블로그 l 게임 l 고객센터 I 로그인 HADURI 하두리포토 하두리UCC 일반UCC 하두리를 즐겨찾기에 추가 하두리에 오신것을 환영합니다 통합검색 검섹 여친,미녀 하두리 방문을 환영합니다. 아이디 비밀번호 하두리포토 4.274 로그인 ID저장 HADURI PHOTO 4,274 무료회원가입 ·아이디/비밀번호 찾기 ·로그인이 안되나요? 白공지사항 포토주제별 디렉토리 ·여친,미녀 , 남친,미남 카톡 친구(1) 앙증마녀 98 우왕~-5학년임 폭풍의전학생 102 네이트온친추하실 별빛바라기 90 서울 경기 인천 (2) 카톡jm1727 361 연예인하두리 ·모델/레이싱걸 ·하두리포토 ·엽기유머 " 셀프,노래,마술 ·추억의하두리 남자만 지금 (3) 만남 가능한 오빠 (2) 애인대행 603 잘 부탁드려요 ㅋ (3) 앙증마녀 413 여행,풍경,접사 중딩이에요>.&(6) 지금만남 646 스타일,디자인 ·그림,만화,애니 ·자유주제 ·카툰 " 바탕화면 524 갓중딩 0신 입!(7) 웅아웅아부에부에하 후훗 (8) 슈밤바 779 남친구함(5) 슈밤바 876 잘부탁드립니다(2) 혜정이 727 854 싸이월드 . 마이베이스 . 미니홈피 . 홈2 . 클럽 . 선물가게 . 광장 . 동영상 . 뮤직 . 마켓 전체보기▼ EER 사이좋은 사람들의 특별한 야기 미니홈피 | 홈2 | 베이비 ODcywORLD 피플 파플홈 남과여 나도얼짱 스타홈피 피플전체 . 최종회 8" 일촌ON 只 쪽지。 로그아웃 내미니홈피 ·오늘 방문자 5 새게시물 3" 이 귀여워~귀여워 투멤신청하기 장유미 김향기 228 최지선 4990 ★ 스타홈피 제보 ^' 스타킹 얼짱 4000대 1 CF공주의 인기폭발 1번가 기적 사투리 연기 얼짱 참여하기 박사랑 정다빈 박유선 공지사항 더 보기 명예의 전당 공지 피플 검색 PEOPLE SEARCH LE전지 E 피플 인기 검색어 가인 최강희 한지혜 보아 최진실 회원검색 [오픈] 싸이월드 피플! ini 투데이멤버란? 투멤 사생활 보호 안내 추천 파플 이야기 급호감 스타랭킹 더보기 주간 얼짱 베스트 남1녀 나도얼짱 얼짱 게시판 이용 원칙 ☆ 스타홈피란? 2 [호감대결]아찔소 최고의 퀸카는 누구? 일본 오리콘을 휩쓴 보아vs윤아 호감팍팍 VS VS ·인형아역 4명의 숨막히는 귀여움 대결 강백호씨! 강백호씨는 사람이 왜그래요? 노홍철 김다은 18,299 윤은혜 김아림 10,317 ★ 38 인기 튀멤 신청자 더보기 한예 슬 성진환(스윗. 송우진(스윗.. It 이은지 김예지 5 t 한고은 6,835 5,088 3,401 ★11 ★10 NEUW 하승민 09학번을꿈꾸는

Some of the most notable internet celebrities[5][6][7] to emerge from this era included Nam Sang Mi, Koo Hye Sun, Han Byul Park and Joo Yun Park. Both Nam and Koo were first spotted by their neighboring high school classmates while working a part-time job at the fast food chain Lotteria and subsequently became known as the "Lotteria Ulzzangs" on various message boards.

박설마 박한별 이 주연 5대얼짱

The term was subsequently introduced to the broader audiences outside of teenage demographics when the term was referenced in an episode of the 2002 TV drama series Romance. Following the mainstream debut of first-generation Ulzzangs, online fan clubs around individual began to emerge as well.

Notable Examples



As early as in 2003, talent agencies began reaching out to well-known "ulzzang" celebrities to offer them a career in television and films. In 2004, "Ulzzang" was listed as one of the most popular search keywords of the year by Korea's leading daily newspaper Dong-a Ilbo[2], based on the analytics data provided by the country's four major portal sites Naver, Daum, Empas and Nate. In October 2008, a Google search for the term "Ulzzang" yielded more than 8.17 million page results, in comparison to that of the conventional term "Mi-In," (which means "a beauty") with 6.4 million pages results.

The widespread use of the term "Ulzzang" eventually spawned a number of other "-zzang" labels, most notably "Mom-Zzang" which literally means the "best body." As the term continued to evolve in meaning, more unordinary celebrities began to emerge as a result of their good looks, such as "Gangjjang" (shown below), a female burglar who became notorious for her fair mask as seen in the wanted posters.

도 냉해 용의자 현상수배 fi재혁(남 당시 1여그 용의자 김영근 용의자 이미혜 내용 1, 19, 19:00경 경주시 강동면 모서리 소재 모아가구앞노상과 24, 21:00경 포항시 북구 흥해읍 성곡리 대유타운 카풀 승강장 피해자들을 아반떼 XD 승용차에 탑승시킨 후 칼로 위협하여 현금과 를 강취하고 도주한 것임.

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