University Compliment Facebook Pages

University Compliment Facebook Pages

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University Compliment Pages are anonymous Facebook pages where students at specific universities are invited to privately message compliments about other students which are publicly posted on the main page. The posts are often genuine compliments directed at a specific person or group of people but sometimes include inside jokes within the school community similar to University Meme pages.


On September 12th, 2011, a group of four undergraduates at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada started a Facebook account titled Queens U Compliments[1] (sic) with the idea that other Queen's University students could send a message to the profile's inbox sharing positive praise of someone else on campus. One of the four creators, Rachel Albi, Erica Gagne, Jessica Jonker or Amanda Smurthwaite, would then publish the comment from the account. As of January 2013, the account has 5000 friends and 208 additional subscribers.

Queens U Compliments ucen November 16, 2012 To the girl studying beside me in BioSci today: Thank you for caring enough to ask a random stranger if she was okay after a very teary conversation over the phone with her mom. I was shaken up and feeling... very unsure about everything. You can't even begin to imagine how much that meant to me. Something that may have seemed as simple as common courtesy to you turned my entire day around.I know that even though life's a bit rocky at the moment, I'lI be okay at Queen's Like Comment-Share Storify 360 2 Queens U Compliments Dueen December 16, 2012 is one of the best friends a girl could have. She's hilarious, gorgeous, down to earth and the best at listening. Honestly don't know what I'd do if I didn't have her to keep me sane and to hang out with. The best girl, you got these exams Like Comment Share Storify 6 people like this. Amen! December 16, 2012 at 9:24pm-Like Storify


Shortly after the Queens U Compliments took off, the creators started a private group called University Compliments[2] as a hub space for other universities and institutions. By November 14th, the Facebook trend had been picked up by various college newspapers including Yale[3], Penn State[4], Tufts[5], University of Arizona[6] Princeton University[8] and New York University.[7] Many of these articles discussed the pages in a positive light, but a few doubted whether or not the students at their universities would abuse the anonymity as a platform for veiled harassment or mean-spirited discourse disguised as a compliment.

News Media Coverage

Facebook University Compliment pages saw their first boost from news media coverage on November 29th, 2012, when TIME's tech blog[9] featured an article about the Queen’s University page. Following this report, similar articles about Facebook Compliment pages were featured on the Huffington Post[10], CBC News[11], NBC News[12], New York Daily News[13], The Observer[14] and Seventeen Magazine.[15]

Notable Examples


Rutgers Compliments December 6, 2012 via mobile Stan the LX bus driver: thank you for cheering me up on a day that I felt pretty crappy. you're an A+ bus driver! :) Share Storify 30 people like this. YES! December 6, 2012 at 12:44pm-1 Storify Brown University Compliments December 20, 2012 e To Genetics Girl: Your passion is pretty awesome, and your questions keep the rest of us on our toes. Stay you. Like-Comment Share Storify 7 people like this.
ASU Compliments December 30, 2012 To whoever needs a smile: You are beautiful. Don't let anyone or anything decide your happiness for you. Whatever situation in life has got you down, just try and look ahead and know that things DO get better. I can guarantee that this sadness won't last forever. It may feel like it won't go away, but it WILL. You are a wonderful person and deserve to be happy. So smile, Cause its beautiful Like Comment Share Storify 51 people like this. UBC UBC Compliments Wednesday To the red head with glasses working at Menchies during the school semester You are stunning. You make my day infinitely better just seeing your smile. Keep on doing what you're doing An appreciative Froyo addict Like Comment Share Storify 13 people Ilike this.
Geneseo Compliments December 22, 2012 To the two girls that defended me, thanks for sticking up for me. I didn't see who it was for l was too upset at the time but I at least know we're strangers since I have no friends in this class. I'm still a cynical weirdo but thank you for restoring my faith in people for a little while longer Like Comment Share Storify 10 people like this. USC Compliments December 22, 2012 To the USC alum who reached out to me on Facebook with a job offer I am incredibly grateful. Here's to Trojans hiring Trojans!! Recent USC grad Like Comment Share Storify 143 people like this.


  • Arizona State University[31]
  • Bates College[20]
  • Boston College[19]
  • Boston University[40]
  • Brown University[24]
  • Chapman University[16]
  • Cooper Union [37]
  • Cornell University[60]
  • Drew University[29]
  • Emerson University[41]
  • Harvard University[59]
  • Hofstra University[44]
  • McGill University[42]
  • New York University[22]
  • New School[47]
  • Penn State[28]
  • Queens University[43]
  • Rider University[25]
  • Rutgers University[36]
  • Santa Clara University[35]
  • Sarah Lawrence[38]
  • Seattle University[45]
  • Stanford Compliments[26]
  • State University of New York Geneseo[34]
  • Swarthmore College[27]
  • Syracuse University[39]
  • Tufts University[23]
  • University of Arizona[33]
  • University of British Columbia[32]
  • University of Calgary[17]
  • University of California, Berkeley[53]
  • University of California, San Diego[50]
  • University of Canterbury, New Zealand[49]
  • University of Central Missouri[51]
  • University of Los Angeles[52]
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst[18]
  • University of Michigan[48]
  • University of Oregon[56]
  • University of Southern California[30]
  • University of Texas, Arlington
  • University of Texas, Austin[57]
  • University of Tulsa[46]
  • University of Washington[55]
  • Western Washington University[54]
  • Yale University[21]

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