Wait A Sec Are U Trying To Cheat Me Again

Wait A Sec Are U Trying To Cheat Me Again

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Wait A Sec Are U Trying To Cheat Me Again is an exploitable panel from a Dolan comic that features Goofy ("Gooby") in a Ferrari suspiciously asking Dolan if he's trying to trick him again.


The panel comes from another exploitable Dolan comic in which Dolan approaches Goofy in a Ferrari. In the original, Dolan asks Goofy "Why do you only have four fingers?" After a beat panel, Goofy asks "Wait a sec are u trying to cheat me again?", referencing the comics' penchant for Dolan to be violent. The "cheat" Goofy refers to is the likelihood that Dolan would remove one of his fingers (shown below). Though the original post is unable to be found, it was uploaded to KnowYourMeme on August 17th, 2010.

Well umm.. Goofy why do you have only 4 fingers Wait a sec are u trying to cheat me again Goofy pls A闫


The comic appeared in various iterations on /r/dolan in the following years. One of the most popular edits, uploaded April 2nd, 2012,[1] featured Dolan eating Goofy's girlfriend, Clarabel Cow, gaining over 3,100 points (shown below).

Goofy wan coem over an eat sum joocy steks? No Dolan am looking for girlfriend Clarbell Cow You havn seen her has you Dolan? Goofy pls

On April 16th, 2012, user littlebigfox[2] uploaded the "wait a sec…" panel in a Funnyjunk comment. In the following years, the panel would grow into a popular exploitable on 4chan boards.

Try to rustle my jimmies again m----------- wait a sec. are u trying to make me lose myway? Try to cheat me again m-----------

The panel experienced a light resurgence in May of 2017 in edgy /r/dankmemes posts, leading to a thread on /r/MemeEconomy[3] posted on the 18th theorizing that "Wait a sec" memes would be on the rise.

When you show the quiet kid a school shooter meme and he can't stop laughing Wait a sec @chiefkeefsinternsinter When the Emo Kid comes out of the bathroom alive Wait a sec intern @chiefkeefsintern When you go to New York for the first time and u see a black Jeep with "SLprinted on the side driving fast towards your hotel Wait a sec ernsintern hiefkeefsint

Various Examples

IVE BEEN CHEATED FOR THE LAST TIME Wait a sec are u trying to culturally enrich me again Ab in's Gass Judde! 1 y DONARUDO KUN... ARE YOU TRYING TO CHEAT ME AGAIN? Wait a sec are u trying to cheat me agairn

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