Watch the Water

Watch The Water

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Watch the Water is a documentary and Conspiracy Theory that states that the tap water supply is being purposely poisoned with Cobra snake venom and that's what the Covid-19 Pandemic actually comes from. The phrase sees use among those who believe in the theory as a way to signal to others on social media and elsewhere.


The phrase 'watch the water' comes from a Qanon post[1] on 4chan on February 15th, 2018, which simply states the phrase with zero context or explanation given (shown below).

Q!UW.yye1fxo (D: 276796 No.382161Ľ Feb 15 2018 01:08:41 (EST) 765 Watch the water. Q

Pop Culture Similarity

The concept of poisoning a liquid to create an adverse effect on the health of people through snakes and snake branding is a major plot point of the much meme'd live-action movie Black Dynamite, which is popular for having great reaction images and an overly convoluted explanation scene which concludes with the realization that 'Anaconda Malt Liquor' is actually a poison pushed by the U.S. Government for the purpose of curtailing Black Americans. The scene in question was posted to YouTube by the channel flappye[4] on November 10th, 2009, and has gained 900,000 views in 12 years (shown below).


On April 11th, 2022, the documentary Watch the Water went live, and people began to react to it online as it picked up steam in conservative circles and started trending outward. The main claims of the documentary are that Covid-19 is actually snake venom poisoning, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are being beat down by mainstream news because they are the true cures to the pandemic, and that there is a large media blackout about the topic and multiple attempts to cover it up throughout the years. One of the big pieces of evidence claimed by the documentary and pushed more on social media is that Hydroxychloroquine is shown to be on the list of medication that protects against snake venom poisoning, as well as Ivermectin, as shown in the tweet by Twitter user DennisJ67241101[2] on April 11th, 2022 that got over 400 likes in four days (shown below).


On the flip side, memes and pushback began to start after the documentary became trending on April 12th, with Twitter user @VoisonMyOpionion sharing a Am I So Out Of Touch? meme[3] of Principal Skinner asking if he's a delusional person who falls for conspiracies before deciding that it's the doctors who are wrong, earning 800 likes in four days (shown below).


Various Examples

EST POINT WEST POINT WEST POINT WEST POLNT WATCH THE WATER WEST POINT EST POINT OP THE ESIDENT OINT C-SPAN SEAL UNITED SThen the second angel sounded: Heather Clemons @hhall1430 - Apr 12 Revelation 8:10 "Watch the water" These tof the great trib- Anu d their robes and up, and all green grao the blood of the up, SThe upor pow have no any tho of we erve Him day and he midst of the ships were destroyed. d them and lead ains of waters.! Third Trumpet: The Waters Struck 10Then the third angel sounded: And a great star fell from heaven. burning like a torch, band it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. IlaThe name of the star is d the seventh Wormwood. PA third of the waters nce in heaven became wormwood, and many men And I saw the died from the water, because it was way every tear Th af th e to al d before God, made bitter. 7:10 Ps. 3:8 Rev. 5:13 7:114Rev. 4:6 Rev. 4:1; 5:9, 12, 14; 1:16 19 7:14aRev. 6:9 [Heb. 9:14] INU-Text and M-Text read My lord. bPs. 121:6 7:174PS. 23:1 DRev. 21:4 INU-Text and M-Text read to . 8:1 Rev. 6:1 8:24(Matt. 18:10] b2 Chr. 29:25-28 8:3 Rev. 5:8 Rev. 1:19; 16:18 bRev. 45 2 Sam. 22:8 8:7 Ezek. 38:22 bRev. 16:2 M-Text add and a third of the earth was burned up. 8:84Jer. 51:25 Rev. 16:3 8:10 Is. AC12 bRev. 14:7: 16:4 8:11a Ruth 1:20 Ex. 15:23 WATCH THE WATER is a new "documentary" about how COVID is, as the gentleman below so eloquently states, "damn snake venom." King cobra venom to be exact. And it's in the water supply. Stupidity is, however, still airborne and highly contagious. Joe Weber @TexasPatriot68 Watch the water !!!!!! we are drinking it! Covid is damn snake venom!!!!!that's why they don't want us to use monochlonal anti bodies or hydroxy!!! 7:57 PM 4/11/22 · Twitter for iPhone Suddenly this makes sense! Watch the water Stew Peters and Dr Ardis "They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them." Mark 16:17-18 gall and wormwood uncountable) The Name Of The Star Is 1. (idiomatic) bitterness and resentment Wormwood. A Third Of Naves Topical Index Gall The Waters Turned Bitter, Any bitter or poisonous substance As the bile And Many People Died Job 16:13 Venom of serpents Job 20:14 From The Waters That Had A bitter herb General references Deuteronomy 29:18 Become Bitter. Given Jesus Psalms 69:21; Matthew 27:34 Revelation 8-11 Figurative, gall of bitterness Acts 8:23 TheRealKimSha "Yet his food in his bowels is turned, WORMWOOD It is the gall of asps and within him" GALL -Job 20:14 THE DESTRUCTION OF JERUSALEM AND THE FIRST GOSPEL Watch the Water. Q multiple meanings Water is a Superconductor Our Blood is 92%

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External References

[1] 4chan – Q

[2] Twitter – Watch The Water

[3] Twitter – Water Rebuttal

[4] YouTube – Anaconda Malt Liquor

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Yes, yes there is. Drinking venom is perfectly safe as long as there are no open sores in your mouth or digestive tract for the venom to find your blood.

Poisonous: Foodborne

Venomous: Bloodborne (Not that one, hunter)

Toxic: Airborne

Dovahkiin: Dragonborn


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