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Is someone being a wehraboo? Because I think I heard someone being a wehraboo. Wehr-a-boo! Wehr-a-boo!
Wehraboo (pronounced "ver-a-boo") or Wherb for short, is a slang derogatory term aimed people who obsess and adore – the Wehrmacht – the Armed forces of Nazi Germany. and consider it the best army in military history

the name is a fusion of two words: weeaboo and Wehrmacht.


uGH Mommy, look! A Tiger H1! ASE Don't look at it Ricky, I don't want you to be influenced by OHGODNO! RICKYY!! It's too late mother Russian Bias

Although myths and debates sorrounding the Wehrmacht existed as early as 1945. the ridicule of it's rabid fans, defenders and apologists wasn't coined until 2013, when the multiplayer game War Thunder was released.
The game features realistic armored warfare on the eastern front set in WW2.

(THIS OVERPOWERED RUSSIAN ABLYAT IS PENETRATING Panzers and basically, you are a f------ wehraboo How?...Just read the Sekrit Dokuments > Super Hot T34 OP Gaijin pls nerf

Shortly after the game's launch, a prominent group of loud players started complaining about imbalance, accusing the Russian develpoer of the game:Gaijin Entertainment that they are applying Russian Bias into the game, making Soviet tanks overpowered, and german tanks unrealistically inferior by comparison.

these complaints have sprouted heated debate about the historical accuracy of the game and the history of the german war machine in general. the arguments, which later degraded into flame wars, started in the War Thunder forums in Steam and its official site, and later spread to 4chan /v/ and /k/ boards.
eventually the debates were concluded that War Thunder is indeed a historically accurate but many users refused to back down and continued repeating their claims that the the army of Nazi germany is realistically superior.

this led to said users being ridiculed, igonred, and regarded as "Wehraboos" ever since.
an early example can be found in this Steam guide

Anonymous 09/09/16(Fri)22 36:09 No. 16754601675561 File. communism.ipg (32 KB, 600x287) Jews hypnotizing FDR to sign and declare war on Germany Anonymous 09/09 16(Frij23:17:47 No. 167556121675627 1675460 It's not like he had any choice Hitler declared war on the US after Pearl Harbor Anonymous 0909/16(Fri23 36 34 No.16756271675538157564916756601575661 1675750 21675561 Actually you can always choose to ignore declarations of war. Japan did exactly that when Poland declared war on it in WW2 Anonymous 09 09/16(Fri)23:44:36 No.1675661 File: 1472262034408 png (1.12 MB, 960x720) 2165627 I love how all Wehraboo arguments eventually boil down into "Yeah, sure Hitler declared war on you, but that doesn't mean you had to fight back! l am convinced more than ever that /pol/ is a satirical board

after the term was coined in War Thunder the slur quickly spread to other pieces of WW2 media:
Games such as World of Tanks, Day of Infamy and Red Ochestra 2 it was often used as an insult to players playing in the German side.
As well as in history forums and youtube comment sections for war movies and documentaries
there is even a subreddit dedicated for collecting the most cringeworthy Wehraboo material.

Behaviors ascciated with Wehraboos

How Wehraboo Are You? 1: Wehraboo Lite 2: Wehraboo The fall of the Reich was a setback for modern science. 5 Shermans 1 Tiger! 3: Extreme Wehraboo 4: Goebbels Incarnate Wehrmacht was just following orders, fighting the true enemy the Bolsheviks. The Einsatzgruppen was an anti-terrorist organization. S5

While all Wehraboos generally consider Wehrmachst the most technologically advanced, best-trained and well-disciplined army in military history, many of them also defend the army's failures by blaming it on reasons beyond Germany's control, such as Hitler's terrible disicions, being grossly outnumbered, and poor recource management by the local authorities.

Wehraboos are also notorious for always playing on the Axis side of WW2 games and bragging about their faction's "superior weapons and technology" during gameplay.
it sometimes gets even worse when a large group of wehraboos highly experienced at the game, all join 1 team causes an unbalanced one swift one-sided victory for the Axis team

some might take a step further and defend the moral integrity of the Nazi Germany's army. claiming only the Waffen SS (nazi elite) and its off-branches comitted war crimes, while the Wehrmacht comitted very few or none at all.
when confronted with documented evidense of german atrocities they would claim the soldiers had no choice and was forces to follow orders

and some of the Wehraboos can easily be considered as Neo-Nazis, as they justify any atrocity the nazis comitted and that all they did was to fight communism and globalism and considering that the end justfies the means. as well as paiting the Allies as an even worse criminal


Wehrabingo Death Propa- traps gandaranpa worse My Stalin Germany veteran was would win, worse if only All modern technology> is based on from 4 km nazi science the army! STEonsons ger kills Every "historian"K:D says l'm Ratio The Allies Russian didn't play Bias fair NO S---!!!!?? right rmanl Every Clean I don't havel History Ge Wehr to prove Channel tank was a Better Tiger macht anything Evidence Would you personal a Sherman well.. ather fight inWikipedia Copy/Pastephysics Unsourced Ignoring basic attack or a Tiger? LOLZ!

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