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A WEEABOO IS -Someone who watches animeX Someone who reads manga Someone who plays Japanese video games Someone who is interested in x some aspects of Japanese culture - Someone who believes everything that comes from Japan is amazing and curses their non-Japanese heritige


Weeaboo (a.k.a Wapanese) is an English slang used to describe a person (typically of non-Asian descent) who prefers Japan and all things in Japanese over one's indigenous culture. The term is a successive mutation of "Wapanese," a derogatory slur referring to western Japanophiles with a strong bias towards Japanese cultural and tech imports.


The antecedent word "Wapanese" (as in Wannabe Japanese) was most likely introduced in the early 2000s, with the earliest instance on Google search dating back to the Racial Slur Database from June 30, 2002.

Wapanese: a slur used to describe a white person who is obssesed with japanese culture. This would include manga/hentai/and anime.

- The Racial Slur Database, 2002

From late 2003 and onwards, usage of Wapanese became alarmingly visible on 4chan, often leading to unpleasant exchanges between anime/manga fans and those who were far less interested in their subcultures.

At the peak of its abuse in mid-2005, 4chan moderators devised a creative intervention using the word-filter, replacing every instance of Wapanese with "Weeaboo," which was a fictitious term originally coined by Nicholas Gurewitch in his Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip.[1]

If we waste anymore time on "weeaboo,' wel be bankrupt by the end cause Ithink I Did someone ,^just heard Someone be Dankrupt by the end ' of the eeaboo" mon

In its original context, the word "weeaboo" doesn't signify anything but something undesirable and deserving punishment. Since then, many 4chan visitors adopted the word "Weeaboo" in replacement of Wapanese.

Stereotypes of "Weeaboo"

There are numerous online discussions and referential sources discussing the stereotypes and traits of "Weeaboo"; some of the most notable observational jokes include:

  • Excessive use of Japanese words in replacement of English
  • Favoritism of Japanese imports over domestic equivalents
  • Hanging out in the international aisle of the supermarket
  • Crowding the manga section of your local book store
  • Seeking Japanese partners only in Personals on Craigslist
  • Ability to memorize and recite Anime opening theme songs

Relations to Otakus

Establishing distinctions between β€œOtaku” and "Weeaboo" can be kinda confusing, as both subcultures subscribe to a common set of interests (ex: anime/manga/robots/cosplay) and share the social stigma of nurturing "unhealthy hobbyisms." According to referential sources and UD entries:

Otaku: a mildly derogatory slang used in Japan and other Asian cultures to describe anyone who has a devotion to a specific subject or hobby (not necessarily anime) to the point of never leaving home. also see: Hikikomori.

Weeaboos: an internet slang used in English-speaking regions to describe a Gaijin (foreigner in Japanese) displaying a heavy bias towards everything from Japan or virtually exiling oneself from the indigenous culture (also known as "outside") in pursuit of the "superlative."

0 weeaboo's room in Toronto otaku's room in Tokyo


Usage of "Weeaboo" eventually grew far beyond the Anon community and as a result, its original meaning has been distorted and diluted, with its nuance and reception slightly varying from one community to another.


As seen in a 2006 thread regarding Pocky, "the staple food of Weeaboos":

Name: VIPPER:2006-03-03 22:47 To a Wapanese, a box of Pocky chocolate sticks is high cuisine from an alien planet that should be carried around prominiently in the webbing of their rucksacks for all the world to see, rather than a cheap box of oversweet junk food Name: VIPPER:2006-03-04 01:06 The dark chocolate isn't oversweet. The green tea flavor, on the other hand...

On October 8th, 2014, YouTuber Filthy Frank uploaded a video where he criticises the weeaboo stereotype, along with a song in the end. In the following year, the video got over 9.7 million views, while the song reupload on Frank's secondary channel has over 3.7 million views, along with popularising the term.

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Bill-Stan, Gaijin Supreme
Bill-Stan, Gaijin Supreme

What makes a person a Weeaboo:
-Thinking anime is undeniably, unquestionably better than cartoons
-Assuming that an anime that you've never seen before is going to be good, just because it's an anime
-Calling anime "anime", while calling cartoons "Western animation", or "American animated series"
-Getting mad when people draw anime characters in non-anime artstyles, while not batting an eye when the reverse happens

What doesn't make a person a Weeaboo:
-Liking anime (By "anime", I don't mean all anime, I just mean the certain, specific anime shows that you happen to enjoy.)


"Weeaboo" began as a made-up nonsense word. Then 4chan used it in a wordfilter: wapanese β†’ weeaboo. Eventually, it completely supplanted the original term, making "wapanese" about as obsolete a term as as "Japanimation". Yet over the years, this definition of "weeaboo" has become diluted through loose use, and now the word is about as meaningless as it was originally. Funny how these things work, isn't it?

Also, allow me to quote the great internet sage JT "jgsfgs" Sexkik:

"Guess what, dude. Nobody cares. Nobody cares that you like anime. You know the only other people who will seriously judge for that are other geeks, that's it. They're the only ones who care, the only ones who give a shit about it. And even then, even with people who do hate anime for whatever reason, as long as you seem like an okay person otherwise, they will not turn themselves away from you and refuse to be your friend just because of something like that. I mean, not everybody who's friends with each other has the exact same likes and dislikes; that's fuckin' absurd!"


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