Joe Biden saying "Will You Shut Up Man" during the 2020 presidential debate.

Will You Shut Up Man

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“Will You Shut Up Man,” is a memorable quote uttered by Joe Biden to Donald Trump from the first U.S. presidential debate in 2020. In memes, the image of Biden is used as an exploitable image macro series to express annoyance or irritation, especially as a reaction to someone who won’t stop speaking. In late September and early October 2020, following the debate, the quote and reaction image trended online across most social media platforms.


The original clip that the meme is pulled from is seen during the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which aired on September 29th, 2020. During the debate (featured below), Biden, irritated after being interrupted by Trump, responds to him by saying, “Will you shut up, man. This is so — this is so unpresidential.”

The exact first use of the clip as a meme format is unknown, but the earliest examples appeared online shortly after the debate was aired. One such example was posted on September 29th by the Instagram[1] account koreantrump (shown below), receiving over 7,100 likes in roughly 36 hours.

Dad:"We will have the free kids meal" Son:"But i'm 12" at e Dad wh any Rightes ec Will you shut up, man?


On September 30th, 2020, the Facebook[2] page Deathcore Snobs posted another example of the meme to its feed (seen below, left), receiving over 2,900 likes, 2,000 shares and 250 comments in 22 hours. On October 1st, the Facebook[3] page SGAG posted a variant (seen below, right), receiving over 3,900 likes, 620 shares and 80 comments in 11 hours. G i at any Imagine Dragons is the best Death Metal band of all time ALIVE ted among Menn, deriving erned, MABIE That ver any Form ends, it is the R the Peeple te alter ument, layir on such prir likely to of orm, as to t ind Will you shut up man. over nce, ALIVE WR t ile thet ll ore etlyel that t CNBC G t e titun the that one cb uia n lim student Hpin hidak wil di at thetnaniel e ee - Cher, remember yesterday you give homework? You haven't collect yet ver any Form the People te alter on such pri ikely te e erned, - That ends, it is the R of Tument, lay Everyone else in class orm, as to t Ice, ind Will you shut up man. ever ALIVE

On September 30th, Redditor[4] ImThatMan0nTheMoon posted another version to the /r/lotrmemes subreddit (shown below, left), accumulating over 67,900 upvotes, 270 comments and several Reddit awards in roughly 25 hours. On October 1st, Redditor[5] LordHandpump posted a variant to the /r/HistoryMemes sub (shown below, right), accumulating over 23,900 upvotes, 210 comments and several Reddit awards in 12 hours. righte, the ir whomwr ungim of Why they just didn't take the eagles to Mordor? ALIVE staivecom Uted amOng en, dorIVUig their THE erned, That ORDYERINGS SHIREPOSTING ever ends, it is the R TUment, layi the Pecple te alter on such prin ikely to o ice, ind Will you shut up man. cvern orm, as to t ALIVE righte that legal??? ALIVE thaivecom ted uMOng MenI, deriving their Men, deriVUlg 1netr erned,- The er any rm of ends, it is the R the Peepe alter onh pri like to e Tument, layir lay orm, as to t nce, ind Will you shut up man. *chambers round* ALIVE

On September 30th, the Instagram[6] account scarymommy uploaded a version using the clip as a reaction video (seen below), receiving over 330,000 views and 17,100 likes in 16 hours.

Various Examples

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Br eaking y tham n au posting I'm sorry, Mike. This.... This whole thing could've been avoided. among Men, deriving their ver any Form of he Peeple te alter on such prin ikely to ef nce, ind Will you shut up man. overr Tha ends, it is the R nment, layir erned, orm, as to th You know, I used to bench 405 Ibs. in high school. Lemme give you some tips. ALIVE Eed mong Men, derivancabdominalsnowman Ven, deriva theabdomi lominal.snowman erned, - Thut yer any Perm of ver any lorm o/ ends, it is the R the People te alter on such prin fikoly te op nce, ind Will you shut up man.ver nment, layi OFm, us to t ALIVE When the imposter says "where?" right after he turned you into a ghost @zucktheberg at wh any Right 2o ec Will you shut up, man?

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