Image of donald trump at the 2020 us presidential debate saying, "I was a businessman doing business"

I Was a Business Man Doing Business

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I Was a Business Man Doing Business is a memorable quote uttered by United States President Donald Trump at the final 2020 U.S. Presidential Debate in October 2020. Many online used screenshots of the president saying the quote as the punchline to jokes about illicit or absurd business dealings.


On October 22nd, 2020, the final U.S. Presidential debate occurred in Nashville, Tennessee. During the debate, moderator Kristen Welker asked about reports of a previously undisclosed Chinese bank account owned by Trump's business. She said:

Since you took office, you’ve never divested from your business, you’ve personally promoted your properties abroad. A report this week, which was referenced, does indicate that your company has a bank account in China. so, how can voters know that you don’t have any foreign conflicts of interest?

Trump responded:

I have many bank accounts and they were all listed and they were all over the place. I was a businessman doing business.


Follow the comment, people began posting images of Trump giving the answer online. Redditor Morgaaaaaaaaaaaan shared one of the earliest versions of the meme on the /r/dankmemes[1] subreddit. The post received more than 92,000 points (96% upvoted) in less than 24 hours (shown below, left).

Over the next few hours, people on Reddit continued to meme the image. In the /r/dankmemes[2] Redditor oklopfer shared a variation that received more than 26,000 points (98% upvoted) in less than 24 hours (shown below, center). Another meme in the /r/dankmemes[3] subreddit received more than 28,000 points (98% upvoted) in less than 24 hours (shown below, right).

When my homie catches me sucking d--- in the alley. d among Mel, deriving That whe s the Right eeplet layir eth Mon. 19 Wl y Forn OFN ecple to 45uc Ke I was a business man... doing business. PRESIDENTIAL DERATE My parents: why do we have a 500 dollar charge for clash of clans gems 9 year old me: Me mong 19 That wie any For OFN the Right 1 ocplete the I was a business man... doing business. School director: "Why did you beat up that boy?" 6yo me who tried to knock out his teeth so I get money from the tooth fairy: among Mon, deriving That whe e uny Fom o the Right 1 eeple to layir e th kel I was a business man... doing business. DRESIDENTIAL DERATE

Various Examples

Kids in 20 Years: "Why does this OnlyFans page pop up when I google your name?" Their Moms: among Mon, That we any Fon the Right Teple ayin uThatSmallFighter I was a businesswoman... doing business DDESIDENTIAL DEDATE "Invading a country to sell them drugs is pretty f----- up." Great Britain: That whs the RightT- N leple I was a business man... doing business Me trying to explain to my mom why i spent $399 on a chair among Mon That wi uny Fom io the Right L layir Poaplete the kel I was a business man... doing business. DDECIDENTIAL D rnA
When you rip your best friend's head off and lie through your teeth to win That i is the layir ko I was a business man... doing business. They mes. lett me a mēss. I get treated very badly by the I.R.S. ey are 9o Nell taker care of am the least racist person in this room. NEW YORK IS A GHOST TOWN. I WAS A BUSINESSMAN DOING BUSINESS. "Is it true you offered the nerd in your cohort a spot on the Harvard- Yale bus in exchange for answers to the problem set?" among Mon, EMBA_Mikey anseng Men That we the Righe's e Raple I was a businessman, doing business


Men, deriving9 Forn anmong That wie s the Right ee ple t layir eth (1110 eople to Kel I was a business man... doing business. PRESIDENTIAL DERATE

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