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"Witness Me" is a catchphrase spoken by the characters known as War Boys in the film Mad Max: Fury Road before they commit a kamikaze-type act in battle. The phrase has become popular in online forums as a way to draw attention to one's post.


Mad Max: Fury Road was released May 15th, 2015, and during the film, the phrase is spoken frequently by the War Boys, a group of leukemic children of the villain Immortan Joe. The War Boys usually yell the phrase after spray painting their mouths silver and before attempting to die by suicide in battle, which they believe will send them to Valhalla, or heaven. In some scenes of the film, they pair the phrase with "We will ride eternal, shiny and chrome!"


The first use of WItness Me on 4chan's /tv/ board actually occurred 5 days before the release of the film, by a poster who was claiming that he'd seen the film and that it was good.[2] Since then, the phrase has been used about 2,200 times on various 4chan boards, often times paired with a variety of images of different characters with chrome sprayed around their mouth, including Pepe the frog.[3] Alternately, the phrase was often paired with mugshots of people who had been inhaling spray paint as a drug, which can cause the person to appear as if they had sprayed themselves in the face. The phrase is used as a comment on various other Mad Max-related memes, including the official Mad Max subreddit, /r/madmax, which calls its readers War Boys and indicates their presence by saying they are "WITNESSING!"[4] In addition, there are 122 different works of art on DeviantArt using the term.[7]

On May 23, 2015 a link was posted to r/WTF which featured an image of 2 adult males, one with his mouth painted silver chrome using car spray paint with the title "YOU WILL ARRIVE AT THE GATES OF VALHALLA, SHINY AND CHROME!", the link received 4531 upvotes and 668 comments[8]

Amazon Comment Trolling

On May 27th, 2015, the Onion's AV Club and other media outlets reported that users posing as War Boys had been leaving troll reviews on a product called Wilton Silver Color Mist, an edible food spray used in dying cakes and other foods a chromed silver. The war boy-imitating users asked questions like "Will this product ensure my path to Valhalla? Do I need to be witnessed as well?" and left reviews like "IMMORTAN JOE WILL WITNESS ME FOR FINDING THIS SPRAY ON SALE FOR CERTAIN."[5][6]

▲ Will this product ensure my path to Valhalla? Do I need to be witnessed as well? 706 votes A: We cannot guarantee that this product with ensure your path to Valhalla. However, we can guarantee that it will make your desserts look really cooll Your Party Delivered answered on May 22, 2015 See more answers (21) ▲ 234 Will this stain my mouth and teeth? A: IT WILL STAIN THEM WITH GLORY, SHINY AND CHROME. Crystina answered on May 27, 2015 votes see more answers (2) 86 votes Will this make my shiny and chrome for when I need to enter Valhalla? A: This is a silver oolor, not quite chrome. It does have a shimmer. KitchenSupply answered on May 27, 2015 See more answers (1) ▲ 81 what is the half life of this spray? A: The half lite is mere seconds, as you become shiny and chrome, ushering your way to Valhalla. votes DIE HISTORICI Terrence Payne answered on May 28, 2015 See more answers (5) ☆★☆★☆ GLORIOUS! By W. Bartels"compulsive reviewer" on May 20, 2015 Size: 1.5 oz WITNESS MEI I WILL FEAST IN VALHALLA FOR I AM SHINY ☆☆☆☆☆ Mediocre By Immortan Joe on May 27, 2015 Size: 1.5 oz One of my warboys used this product three times and was not awaited in Valhalla. Buyers beware. ☆☆☆☆☆ I used it to make a birthday cake for my little brother. He was perfect in every way. By Rictus Erectus on May 28, 2015 Size: 1.5 oz I used it to make a birthday cake for my little brother. He was perfect in every way.

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I REGRET NOTHING NOTHING! WITNESS ME!!! nannygoatsinpanties.com WITNESS ME! Witness me dragonrip.com DrOetker 오 ume Spray ILVER WITNESSED!!

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