Woman Scared of Breasts

Woman Scared of Breasts

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Woman Scared of Breasts refers to a photoshopped image of a scared woman turning away from female breasts pressed against the car window. Spread as a viral image in early 2010s, starting in 2018 the image gained popularity as an object labeling meme and was later used in redraws following the Mai Shiranui Super Smash Bros. Ultimate snub.


On January 22nd, 2012, an unknown Redditor posted a photograph of a scared woman turning away from an ostrich looking into a car window to /r/pics subreddit, claiming that the image was originally posted on Facebook (shown below, left).[1] In the thread, Redditor evolveKyro posted an edit of the image in which the woman turned away from female breasts being pressed against the car window (shown below, center).[2] The comment gained over 930 upvotes in six months. In the same thread, more edits of the image were posted (example shown below, right)


In the following years, the edit was reposted online multiple times, including a number of demotivational poster posts on various websites (examples shown below). For example, on February 28th, 2012, Cheezburger user fareon posted a demotivational poster based on the image which gained over 50 thumbs up on the website (shown below, left).[3]

THEY ARE MORE AFRAID OF YOU Than you are of them. VA THEMETAPICTURE.COM WHEN BOOBS ATTACK did you know? Mastrophobia is the irrational fear of breasts. did-you-kno.tumblr.com

On October 14th, 2014, the unedited image was posted to /r/photoshopbattles subreddit, with multiple edits submitted in the following hours.[4]

On October 19th, 2018, Redditor dankbob_memepants_ reposted an object labeling meme originally created by Redditor jackrunit to /r/MemeEconomy subreddit, receiving over 1,000 upvotes (shown below, left).[5] In the following year, the format saw limited spread on Reddit as an object labeling meme (examples shown below, center and right).

The p--- industry My crippling addiction to m----------- /jackrunit Monday The weekend INTERNET ACCESS Nofap November

November 2019 Resurgence and Redraws

On November 6th, 2019, director of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Masahiro Sakurai said that Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury series will not be included into the game, supposedly due to her large breasts.[6]

The news prompted a surge in the popularity of the format, with memes mocking Sakurai as being afraid of breasts being posted on Twitter. For example, on November 6th, 2019, Twitter user @BobbyWasabiSN posted an object-labeling meme which received over 3,200 retweets and 13,000 likes in two days (shown below, left).[7] On the same day, Twitter user @pewbutt posted a redraw which received over 3,000 retweets and 11,900 likes (shown below, center).[8] Another redraw by Twitter user @SteveChops gained over 2,000 retweets and 9,600 likes in two days (shown below, right).[9]

Mai Shiranui Good Boys and Girls Mai Shiranui Good Boys and Girls SC STEVECHOPZ

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