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Yabujincore or Jumpstyle Core refers to a "-core" video genre prevalent on TikTok under the hashtags "#yabujincore" and "#jumpstylecore" that consists of memetic edits that predominantly include stylized footage of people doing the Jumpstyle dance with Arabic and Russian texts spread across the videos that depict dreamlike scenarios. They also especially feature Yabujin's songs, which are known for their bit-crushed, ambient and hardstyle EDM sounds. This NicheTok meme can be traced back to late 2021 but was popularized at the end of 2022 and early 2023. The core trend also became significantly more prevalent after appearing in the That One Guy's For You Page meme in April 2024.


One of the earliest "Yabujin core" videos was posted on December 3rd, 2021, by TikTok[1] user @hexdsim3kkk. In the video (shown below, left), a Matrix-like filter is added to a recording of a man doing a jumpstyle dance in the streets at night while random messages in Arabic and Japanese are displayed in flashes. The post amassed roughly 2,400 plays and 120 likes in three years.

The most notable viral "yabujincore" video was posted on November 21st, 2022, by TkTok[2] user @taurvz, who used the DJ GYROTTA SAO backing track for a Roblox edit doing a jumpstyle dance, which amassed more than 1.2 million plays and 93,000 likes in two years.

@hexdsim3kkk #fyp #azeroy #bbc #yabujin #northkoreannarcos #jumpers #seeghosts ♬ оригинальный звук – 61p0l4r6vv0v5clv6

@taurvz boing @solstisce . .#yabujin #oldweb #web #webcore #roblox #jumpstyle #hardcore #taurvz #aesthetic #weirdcore #weird # #edit #vsp ♬ DJ GYROTTA ZAO. VALERIA BOUNZE – imovationn of taurvz


Yabujincore and jumpstyle core content became more prominent in December 2022, as people shared core videos featuring the hardstyle EDM songs paired with jumpstyle videos. For example, on December 23rd, 2022, TikTok[3] user @ihe_by posted a video with the overlay text "How them 'yabujincore' mfs feel after editing some Roblox dude dancing jumpstyle while Russian and Arabic words glide across the screen." The post (shown below, left) amassed more than 91,000 likes in two years.

On April 10th, 2024, TikTok[4] user @abktriho posted a "jumpstyle core" video featuring a toothpaste dancing, which is one of the videos that appear in the That One Guy's For You Page meme. The video (shown below, right) amassed more than 5 million plays and 1.7 million likes in a week.

@ihe_by Oh and the “boing :3” being spammed in the comments pls stfu😟 #yabujin #djgyrottazaoyabujin #yabujincore #webcore ♬ DJ GYROTTA ZAO. VALERIA BOUNZE – imovationn of taurvz

@abktriho ( ꒪⌓꒪) #horrorgame #hardstyle #jumpstyle #cybercore #webcore #idk #weird #??? #toothpaste ♬ idiota.zao – gio ⍢⃝

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@abktriho 𖥻 ˑ ִ 𖦹 ˑ 𖥔 𖦹 #hardstyle #jumpstyle #cybercore #webcore #weird #idk ♬ bootleg_mov ilyhiryu – tvymo

@percutir brazilian-shuffle.mp4 dance: @ihs.ra_blaze #shuffle #melbourneshuffle #jumpstyle #jumpstyledance #yabujin #yabujincore #brasilcore #angelcore #fyp ♬ bootleg_mov ilyhiryu – tvymo

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