You Mind If I Wild Out?

You Mind If I Wild Out?

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You Mind if I Wild Out? refers to a video series in which people are recorded wildly dancing on the sidewalk while a driver loudly plays rap music nearby. Starting in November 2017, "Y'all Mind If I Praise the Lord?" video of choreographer Romeo Cannady dancing gained popularity in meme edits.


On July 25th, 2016, rapper Fly Young Red uploaded a video to YouTube in which a man, identified as a drug dealer, asks "you mind if I wild out?" and begins dancing on the sidewalk after a driver begins playing the Fly Young Red rap song "Throw It" (shown below).


On August 8th, Fly Young Red uploaded a sequel video titled "Mr. Y'all Mind If I Wild Out, wilding out in St. Louis to that new Fly Young Red "Throw It," in which a driver pulls up to the same man who begins twerking to the "Throw It" song on a side walk in St. Louis (shown below). On August 10th, the @WSHHFans[2] Twitter feed and the @hoodclips[3] Instagram page reposted the sequel video.

On August 19th, the original Fly Young Red video was submitted to /r/videos.[1] On August 24th, YouTuber RNG Nation uploaded a recreation of the original Fly Young Red video created in the video game "Grand Theft Auto 5": (shown below). On September 10th, Redditor DoesntKnowJackShit submitted a thread asking about the meme on /r/OutOfTheLoop.[4]

Y'all Mind if I Praise the Lord?

On August 27th, 2016, YouTuber ObeseFailTV posted a parody compilation video titled "Yall Mind If I Praise God?" featuring the 1998 Christian gospel song "Revolution" by Kirk Franklin (shown below, left). On September 11th, YouTuber Romeo Cannady (previously Romero Cannady) posted a video of a young man asking "y'all mind if I praise the lord?" before dancing to the Franklin song (shown below, right).

On November 12th, 2017, YouTuber JejkobbB posted a "Big Enough" remix using a clip of Romeo Cannady dancing (shown below, left). On November 14th, YouTuber EvinEdits uploaded a remix of the Romero Cannady video titled "Y'all mind if I praise this anime," mixed with the opening sequence to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (shown below, right). Over the next

On December 2nd, YouTuber a vine uploaded a compilation of "Y'all Mind if I Praise the Lord" remix videos (shown below).

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