You Son of a BITCH, I'm In | Morty Smity giving finger gun

You Son of a Bitch, I'm In

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"You Son of a Bitch, I'm In" is a catchphrase said by multiple characters in Rick and Morty episode "One Crew over the Crewcoo's Morty" upon being convinced to participate in a heist. Online, several image macros, particularly one depicting Rick Sanchez putting a lollipop in his mouth and one depicting Morty Smity making a finger gun, gained popularity, often used in reference to convincing arguments.


On November 24th, 2019, episode three "One Crew over the Crewcoo's Morty" of season four of the Rick and Morty television series premiered.[1] On multiple occasions in the episode, various characters, including Morty, Truckula, Miles Knightly's crew and others say "You son of a bitch, I'm in" or similar variations of the phrase upon being convinced to participate in a heist.

You son of a bitch, I'm in.

The first meme utilizing the catchphrase is currently unknown. Starting on November 25th, 2019, a number of users on Reddit and Facebook posted memes based on a number of image macros from the episode. For example, a November 25th, 2019, post by Redditor munozagd received 40 upvotes (shown below, left).[2] Posts by Facebook users Matthew Carey and Sun RAe Iah in the Grandpa Rick's Mind Blowers Facebook group received 28 and 175 reactions respectively (shown below, center and right).[3][4]

New format hits everyone on reddit You son of a bitch, Im in made with-mematic WHEN YOUR BEST FRIEND FLOATS THE IDEA OF A SUICIDE PACT you sON OF ABITCH TMIN! When she's going down on me and slides a finger inside the back door yoU SON OF A BITCHTIMIN!


Starting on November 25th, the format received significant spread on Reddit and Facebook, with a captioned image of Rick putting a lollipop inside his mouth becoming the most popular image macro associated with the meme, although Rick himself does not say the phrase. A November 25th, 2019, post by Redditor artyhardrooster gained over 930 upvotes in /r/dankmemes in one week (shown below, left).[5] A November 29th, 2019, post by Redditor savagelard received over 31,100 upvotes in three days (shown below, right).[6]

5th grade friend: I heard if you type naked boobs in google you can see real boobs! Me You son of a bitch, I'm in me: gets bowl of food for cat cat: doesn't want it me: shakes bowl cat: You son of a bitch Hm in.

Various Examples

6year-old me: wanting to do anything my mom wouldn't let me My grandma: You son of a bitch, 'm in high schooler: I don't want lung cancer juul: but what if it's mango flavored high schooler: You son of a bitoh. 'm in. *One girl goes to pee* All the other girls in class: You son of a bitch, m in.
YOU SON OF A BITCH IAM IN imgflip com Supreme Chancellor: You get to save your p-------- wife, but inreturn you have to kill all the younglings. Anakin: You son of a bitch, I'm in Baby: Doesn't eat food Parent: What if it sounded like a choo choo train? Baby: You son of a bitch. im in


[adult swim] You son of a bitch Pm in You son of a bitch, I'm in You son of a bitch, I'm in

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