You're In The Club And This Guy Slaps Your Girlfriend's Ass

You're In The Club And This Guy Slaps Your Girlfriend's Ass

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"You're In The Club And This Guy Slaps Your Girlfriend's Ass" is a catchphrase associated to a picture of a muscular black man, which has been often parodied by being used with images of people or objects with ridicule or bizarre looks.


The first recorded instance of this meme was on the white pride forum Stormfront in May, 2010. Due to link rot, it's unknown what the accompanying photograph or video was, but from the responses it's possible to understand that the OP had linked to a photograph of a black person.[3] There are over 170 responses, demonstrating many different responses, both violent and non-violent.


The most popular use of the catchphrase can be found on threads submitted on the fitness forum BodyBuilding by the user Jumb0 on January 12th, 2012.[1] In the thread, Jumb0 posted a picture of a black man thumbing up to the viewer and asked the posters what would they do in the situation described in the catchphrase.

After the thread was posted, the question was posed 195 additional times on the forums. It was also adopted for use on a variety of different threads on 4chan. A cross-forum search finds 265 results where the catchphrase has been deployed. On March 28th, 2012, FunnyJunk user froxon posted a screencap from a 4chan thread featuring the phrase, and gaining over 3,200 points in the following 4 years.[2]

File: 1332958360 ipg-(39 KB, 400x338) □ Anonymous (ID: 6grqy4nc) 03/28/12(Wed)14:12:40 No.389661480曰回Reply] You're in a club and this guy slaps your girlfriend's ass what do? >> □ | Anonymous (ID: JX4mdbQ) 03/28/12(Wed)14:13:17 No.389661583曰 Pull out a magnet.

Various Examples

YOURE AT THE CLUB AND THISGUY SLAPS YOUR GIRLFRIEND'SASS. WHAT D0 YOU DO? You're at the club & this guy offers your girl free college what do u do? YOU ARE AT GAMESTOP AND THIS GUY SLAPS YOURGFS ASS X360 XBOX360 ES PE GAMES HOT TITLES WHAT DO YOU DOP You're on a date with your girl and this man comes up and slaps her ass. What do you do? mctalgear2solidsnake: attend her funeral THIS GUY SLAPS YOUR GIRLERIENDS ASS WHAT DO ! I'll pick up whats left of her ass and run Like Reply 4 secs Jason @AyyJqce You're in the club and this guy slaps your girl's ass, you can't react because he'll sue your ass, what do you do? HI ENT 9:33am 31 Jan 2016-TweetDeck 324 RETWEETS 503 LIKESs

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