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Zippocat is a 15-panel series of images depicting a small grey kitten being doused with lighter fluid and being set ablaze. It seemed to be recorded with a video recorder but cut up into a series of images. There are many other horrible pictures but this one evoked true anger on the Internet unlike other pictures, mostly as the people who came onto the thread like cats. Zippocat as an image alone or as a topic is usually considered a bannable or suspendable offense if posted on an imageboard or forum. Apparently a separate 'Zippocat' was seen as a video instead of an image. No links to the video will be posted.


At one point in time a kitten in a cage was filmed and killed by the same methods as the picture. The video was removed, however a separate image remains and no video footage has been found of the 'previous' Zippocat.

EDIT: There is found footage of the video. No links to the video will be posted.

There is no other information other than it (the image) formed around 4chan, and the one who posted it is unknown. Not much information can be gathered as the picture eventually stopped circulating and used casually. It is now used as a shock image or a troll post. Zippocat is a name cat which derives from the nickname of the cat that was killed by the lighter fluid and Zippo Lighter.[1]


Encyclopedia Dramatica also has a page, albeit a very small one [2]. Also note that a small rant article has been posted on Newgrounds, but again it is very small. [3] Sites like 4chan [4] who have held at the time very fond status of cat related topics. This high standard of cat-related topics has shunned upon posts that include abuse, which made Zippocat a fairly strong controversial post which generated hate. YTMND has a somewhat short page used as a shock link to the image. The link contains lining of the image.[5] There is another YTMND page explaining part of the Zippocat story.[6] A forum discusses about the Zippocat video.[7[

The link below is the original Zippocat photo. If you are squeamish and/or don't like cat abuse, do not proceed.

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