An Entire Documentary About Doge Is Coming Soon, And The First Teaser For The Film Featuring Atsuko And Kabosu Just Released

April 10th, 2023 - 5:46 PM EDT by Brandon Wink

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Doge documentary teaser trailer and announcement tweet.

About a month ago, it was revealed that Own The Doge, the group behind the meme's historic NFT purchase, was holding a promotional contest to win a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the actual Doge and her Mamma in Japan" during its trip there to create a documentary.

Since then, PleasrDAO and Own The Doge have been quietly working on producing the documentary about the famous Shiba Inu with now-17-year-old Kabosu and her owner Atsuko Sato, who live near Tokyo.

After a bit of initial tweeting, it appears it's time for fans of Doge to rejoice, as the newest exciting event involving the lovable Shiba Inu has just been announced.

From the creators of Own The Doge and the Doge Pilgrimage earlier today comes a still-in-the-making "Dogumentary" about Kabosu and Atsuko, her human mother and rescuer. Going over the history of Kabosu's life that lead up to the infamous picture and meme, as well as the events proceeding it, the "Doge Documentary" is just another part of an effort to cement Doge's place in history forever.

While exact details of the film and its release are still unknown, the team producing it released a trailer earlier today for a "first look" at what's to come, so check it out below to see what the upcoming documentary will be like.

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