Andrew Tate Claims To Have Fought A Ghost In Romanian Jail

February 27th, 2023 - 6:51 AM EST by Aidan Walker

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Andrew Tate as a Wojak, and a ghost.

Imprisoned manosphere influencer Andrew Tate published a tweet Saturday recounting a strange midnight battle with a "ghost from hell," leading his followers and his critics to wonder about the place of ghosts in our world.

Tate's ghost story appears to be in the form of some kind of poem, complete with line breaks. He has been tweeting throughout his imprisonment, possibly with the aid of somebody who receives written messages from him and then posts on his behalf, though the exact method is unknown.

Tate was arrested on human trafficking charges after Romanian authorities found him in December, following the aftermath of a viral Twitter beef with Greta Thunberg. They had been investigating his alleged imprisonment of several women.

Since the tweet was posted on Saturday and tells about events that happened "last night," it's assumed that the supernatural encounter occurred on Friday evening as Tate sat in his cell.

Other than apparently fighting ghosts, he fills his days with exercise, meditation and posting sigma grindset hustle content for his followers — at least going off his recent tweets as of late.

As word of his supernatural battle spread on social media over the weekend, many expressed their happiness that Tate is imprisoned and seemingly losing touch with reality.

Others imagined what the ghost fight may have looked and felt like. Tate, before becoming a manosphere influencer, was an MMA fighter — although he fought still-living people and not phantoms during those years.

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