Conservative Provocateur Matt Walsh Apparently Hacked, Account Tweets Shots At Ben Shapiro And Joe Rogan

April 19th, 2023 - 10:54 AM EDT by Adam Downer

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Matt Walsh hacked twitter tweet.

Daily Wire contributor and conservative Matt Walsh, best known for some contentious hot takes and the controversial documentary What Is A Woman?, appeared to have a sudden change of heart last night when he appeared to begin tweeting inflammatory statements about Andrew Tate, Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro while promoting his song "Sassy Shooter." Either Walsh had come out as a rapper with homosexual themes or he had been hacked.


During the hour or so when Walsh's Twitter appeared to be compromised, the account claimed to confirm the allegations against Andrew Tate, tweet inflammatory accusations at Joe Rogan and call Shapiro a closeted homosexual who "hides behind being Jewish."

Most agreed that the likeliest explanation was that Walsh's Twitter account had been hacked, but it seems whoever's behind Walsh's tweets went a step beyond simply cracking into his account. Later on, Walsh's account then tweeted a picture of him receiving text messages alerting him to being hacked, to which it replied, "I'm not hacked, this is just the real me coming out."

matt minder matt walsh hacked

The notion that the picture of "Matt Walsh's phone" was doctored or perhaps not his actual phone was quickly disproven when people discovered the number telling "Walsh" "Your Twitter has been hacked" belongs to a Daily Wire employee. This purportedly suggests that the hackers have access to Walsh's phone or SIM Card. The other texts show they also have access to his Google and Microsoft accounts.

The $8 a month Walsh pays for Twitter Blue, which allows him to use text message-based two-factor authentication, apparently was no match for the "Sassy Shooter" behind the purported hack. The hacker tweeted "I'm leaking the DMs soon."

Walsh has yet to comment on the hack, and it appears either he or someone at Twitter has deleted the "hacker" messages from the profile. However, Walsh's bio currently still promotes the "Sassy Shooter" single, and its header is a picture of buff Minecraft Steve.

matt walsh twitter homepage hacked

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