Elon Musk Makes Twitter's Press Email Auto-reply With The Poop Emoji, But Journalists Have Already Outwitted It

March 21st, 2023 - 12:59 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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Elon Musk has made no secret of his distaste for some media outlets, further evidenced by his recent announcement that Twitter would do "le epic troll" on any journalists attempting to email Twitter for comment on news stories by having Twitter's press email auto-reply with the poop emoji.

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As many journalists soon figured out, Musk's tweet was not a joke. People who attempt to get in contact with Twitter PR through email do indeed receive an auto-reply featuring the poop emoji.

While one could perhaps easily imagine Musk envisioning himself doing the troll dance every time a member of the press receives the poop emoji, media outlets were able to quickly highlight the inanity of this policy in multiple ways.

For example, Vice published a piece about the reported rise of antisemitism on Twitter during Musk's reign. They used the poop emoji they received when asking Twitter for comment to imply that the company doesn't seem to care about far-right extremism spreading on its platform.

Journalist Kenny Gesserit implied in a joke tweet that shuttering Twitter to the press would only result in bad PR, which will ultimately undercut Twitter's aspirations for more Twitter Blue subscribers.

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Others were able to easily pull off jokes and memes of their own by asking Twitter to reply with the poop emoji for a range of inquiries, usually poking fun at Musk or Twitter.

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It seems that, yet again, a new policy Elon Musk introduced to Twitter has largely served to alienate some of the site's users, which, as has been pointed out by many, will likely do little to improve the platform's problematic financial situation.

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