FromSoftware Posts Picture Announcing 'Elden Ring' DLC 'Shadow Of The Erdtree' Is In Development, Leading To Flood Of Ecstatic Memes

February 28th, 2023 - 12:21 PM EST by Adam Downer

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elden ring dlc reaction

Yesterday, The Pokémon Company held an online presentation that it had hyped for a week, which capped off with a huge reveal trailer for upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

Then at 3 a.m. EST this morning, FromSoftware fired off a tweet that essentially said, "Hey gamers, Elden Ring DLC is coming eventually, here's a picture," and arguably generated just as much hype, if not more.

elden ring dlc announcement

This is not to say that one method or studio is better than another, but it does go to show how the passion of FromSoftware fans can make even the tiniest crumb of information worth celebrating.

The only information that can be gleaned from FromSoftware's low-key announcement is that Elden Ring DLC is in development, and it will be called Shadow of the Erdtree. That's it. No release date, no plot, just a piece of key art and the promise that players will get to do something at some point.

Yet Elden Ring fans, a community so rabid they made up an entirely fictional version of the game between its announcement and release, are acting like it's Christmas and sharing their excitement via memes and other reactions.

Naturally, the speculation engine is in full throttle as players look to decipher every inch of the key art in hopes of finding some clues that explain what the DLC might entail.

One of the most prominent hypotheses at the moment is that the long-haired rider in the bottom right corner of the picture is Miquella, who you may remember Malenia is "the blade of." Players don't meet Miquella in-game, but that hasn't stopped the community from analyzing his importance to the story, sometimes in 47-minute-long YouTube videos. In spirit with that rabid speculation, Kotaku published what appears to be 9,000 words about why the DLC is likely to be about Miquella.

Players also admired the chutzpah of FromSoftware to announce the DLC in such a ho-hum manner as opposed to making a big fuss about it.

cianmaher0 tweet elden ring fromsoftware 6xgawd dlc tweet fromsoft announcement appreciation

If you're one of the people who tried Elden Ring as their first FromSoftware game after seeing all the hype, welcome to the experience of getting the littlest bit of information and then being hyped for months while you wait for literally any more news.

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