George Santos Has Officially Been Expelled From Congress, Leading To Not-So-Fond Farewells And Memes On Social Media

December 1st, 2023 - 4:09 PM EST by Adam Downer

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After a vote earlier today, George Santos was kicked out of Congress following months of controversy surrounding him.

George Santos has been expelled from Congress after the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted in favor of removing the scandal-ridden New York Republican.

His expulsion comes weeks after the House Ethics Committee found he was spending campaign funds on luxury goods and subscriptions to adult content websites and months after he was indicted for fraud.

It seemed clear in the run-up to the vote that Santos was not going to survive, as several Republicans voiced that they wanted him out in addition to the vast majority of Democrats.

When it was obvious that the vote would not go in his favor, Santos reportedly left early, saying, "Why would I want to stay? To h--l with this place."

Santos was long-memed due to his propensity for telling outrageous lies about his past, and when it seemed consequences were headed his way, much of social media began ironically characterizing him as less of a villain and more a persecuted drama queen.

The tenor of the "farewell" posts on social media is tinged with schadenfreude and gags characterizing Santos as a maligned, camp diva, which even GQ got in on it.

GQ's farewell to Santos No goodbye twirl from Santos

Santos became the sixth U.S. House of Representatives member in history to get expelled from Congress, and the first since the Civil War to be expelled without a criminal conviction.

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