iDubbbz Apologizes For His 'Hurtful' Past YouTube Content, Unlists All 'Content Cop' Videos

May 18th, 2023 - 5:01 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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iDubbbz from his new aploogy video titled I miss the old idubbbz.

Prominent YouTuber iDubbbz, a creator with over 7 million subscribers and the co-founder of Creator Clash, is receiving mixed reactions after posting a video apologizing for his old, "hurtful and cruel" content.

In the video, iDubbbz specifically apologizes for his Content Cop videos, a series in which he criticized and made fun of other content creators for their problematic, harmful or otherwise cringeworthy content. Videos in the series were among iDubbbz's most popular and helped him build the massive audience he has today.

In specific, iDubbbz apologizes to Tana Mongeau for the Content Cop video he made about her in 2017. In the video, iDubbbz attends one of Mongeau's live shows, gets in line for her meet-and-greet, then tells her to say the N-word as opposed to "cheese" as a photo of the two is taken. The video was made in response to Mongeau's history of using the N-word.

After apologizing to Tana for "harassing her in public and online," iDubbbz apologized to all his Black viewers. iDubbbz notably used to casually say the N-word and homophobic F-slur in his past content for comedic effect, even posting a video in which he suggested that "either it's all okay, or none of it's okay." In his apology video, he calls that mindset "dangerous and stupid."

iDubbbz then went into the specifics of why he's decided to change his content and denounce his old, edgy humor, recounting a time at a convention when a transgender fan approached him and asked, "I know you probably don't like transgender people but can I get a picture?" iDubbbz said he was giving this person "bad vibes" because of the nature of his content, saying, "I've given a lot of people extremely bad vibes."

The well-known YouTuber has been going through a lot of criticism lately, sparked by both his documentary about Sam Hyde and the removal of Froggy Fresh from Creator Clash 2, who was removed for training with Hyde and berating his wife Anisa Jomha online. His videos addressing the Froggy Fresh drama currently has a negative like-to-dislike ratio, brought on largely by his "fallen fans" who dislike iDubbbz's change in direction.

Along with the apology video, iDubbbz has unlisted all of his old Content Cop videos, keeping them available through the Content Cop playlist but stopping them from appearing organically on YouTube.

The apology video immediately garnered reactions online, ranging from his old fans to his new fans to members of the commentary community like Keemstar, who was the subject of one of iDubbbz's more popular Content Cop videos.

Some are also criticizing iDubbbz for his change in content, calling him hypocritical and demanding he apologizes to Froggy Fresh and removes the video about him, claiming that it spreads just the type of negativity iDubbbz is claiming to be against. Still, others are supporting his decision to mature and own up to his past mistakes.

Along with the apology video, iDubbbz also uploaded a new video in his "Save the Squirrels" series to his second channel, marking the first new addition to the series in two years.

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