'Jewish Space Lasers' Once Again Trending Amid Marjorie Taylor Greene's Comments

February 3rd, 2023 - 5:50 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Jewish Space Laser meme and tweet.

The oft-memed conspiracy theory about "Jewish space lasers" has once again come out of the woodwork due to additional comments made by U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, coinciding with news of the viral Chinese spy balloon.

In an audio clip spreading online over the last 24 hours, Greene denies ever using the phrase "Jewish space laser" despite previous online evidence existing to the contrary.

This coincides with recent comparisons between Representative Ilhan Omar and Greene due to Omar being removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday while Greene has controversially been allowed to stay on her committees. Yesterday, AOC notably gave an impassioned speech defending Omar while criticizing Greene for spreading conspiracies like the Jewish space laser in the past.

As noted earlier, this statement from Greene also comes at a time when a Chinese balloon that's generated viral discourse today was spotted over Montana, causing many to jokingly say "bring out the Jewish space lasers" as a last line of defense.

While somewhat of a rare change of form in regards to joking about a conspiracy theory, which are often pushed down to avoid letting others catch wind of them and having them spread as disinformation, the Jewish space laser first went viral roughly two years ago during its initial spread. At least in its current context, it seems like it largely exists as a meme on social media despite some spreading conspiracies about its legitimacy still.

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