'Karen' Door Dasher Fired After Demanding More Than $8 Tip In Controversial Viral Video

February 15th, 2023 - 5:51 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Doordash ring karen video.

A DoorDash driver in New York went viral after a video of her rant, recorded via a Ring doorbell camera, was uploaded to Twitter yesterday, sparking backlash online.

In the clip, she can be seen berating the customer for only tipping her $8 for the trip, which she claims was a 40-minute drive, and that he needs to rethink his tip amount.

After the customer became irate at the door dasher arguing with him about the length of the actual drive (purportedly around 12 minutes in reality) and the tip amount, she then declared she was taking the food back, promptly picking up the bags and stomped back to her car, disappearing.

In response, DoorDash said that the delivery driver's behavior was not allowed in the company and that she had been let go from Dashing in the future.

This, once again, renewed the viral debate around tipping on DoorDash, which was a controversy recently with the question of the tip going straight to the worker or being taken by the company to offset its employee payment being a significant issue.

Arguing over how much you're supposed to tip DoorDashers, or if you're supposed to tip them at all, was reignited on social feeds as the clip circulated online into today.

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I don't get why certain kinds of laborers have to rely on tips in the first place.

What madman decided that they should rely not on their employer, but on their own customers' generosity on a case-by-case basis to earn a decent wage? It's as if the system was designed specifically to cause drama.


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