Leafy Tweets The N-word, Violates Twitter's Rules And Gets Deleted In Stunning Return To Social Media

April 4th, 2023 - 2:03 PM EDT by Owen Carry

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Leafy N-word Tweet.

On Sunday, YouTuber Leafy returned to his @LeafyIsHere Twitter account in expected edge lord fashion — tweeting the N-word in a way that many thought was cringy, among other reactions.

Leafy hadn't touched his Twitter account for 11 months, sending his last tweet of 2022 way back in May. For a currently unknown reason, he resurfaced on the day after April Fools' Day with a rather imprudent tweet that used a slur but nonetheless proclaimed that he was back.

Almost immediately, replies and quote retweets started to surface as Twitter users became aware of Leafy's odd return.

Many were critical of Leafy's word choice in the announcement, using the opportunity to dunk on him for his appearance and history of controversial moments from over the years.

After the tweet was up for almost a day, it was deleted by Twitter's moderators for violating Twitter Rules. Many noticed the update and started posting more memes about the humorous and public removal.

Meanwhile, Leafy proclaimed in a tweet, "WHAT I DO LOL," and attached a screenshot of his violation notice.

Ever since Leafy's feud with fellow YouTuber iDubbbz back in 2016, he hasn't fully recovered to his once prominent form. Back then, he had many subscribers and loyal fans.

Nowadays, due to the hard hit on his reputation and multiple hiatuses from the spotlight, it comes as no surprise that his most recent return and the tweet that accompanied it did not land well with many.

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