'No-Fly List' Leaker Repeats Virality With 2,600 Pages Of Anti-Trans Emails Allegedly From Prominent Conservative Leaders

March 9th, 2023 - 2:03 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Trans lives matter and an excerpt of the leak from Maia Arson Crimew.

Maia Arson Crimew, the self-described hacktivist behind the No-Fly List Leak and Holy Fucking Bingle meme in January, had a bit of a repeat performance yesterday when she released 2,600 pages of emails she claims were sent between prominent conservative leaders between 2019-2021 concerning the rise of transgender acceptance and how they could purportedly use it for their political base.

The tweet, which was viewed over 11 million times in under 24 hours, has follow-ups from Crimew to say that the emails were not personally hacked but rather are being published and distributed by her, sharing many similarities to Julian Assange, the political activist best known as the founder of the international whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks.


A little after noon yesterday, Crimew shared the full purported email leak of the 2,600 emails on her personal blog under the subheading "a collection of emails from 2019-2021 between dozens of anti-trans expert witnesses, US right-wing lawmakers and conservative legal groups."

In just a day since then, the leak and blog post have already generated a significant amount of viral discussions and debates across social media platforms like Twitter.

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Once people started to go through the documents, however, they picked up on some things that the community found particularly interesting.

In reference to the public support of an anti-trans bill, there were purportedly lamenting emails that expressed disappointment the constituents were unable to find a "de-transitioned" person willing to publicly support the bill, subsequently causing humorous reactions from Twitter users as they claimed it showed a lack of true support.

Several emails also mentioned conservative activist Blaire White, who is singled out as someone allegedly profiteering off trans acceptance and should not be endorsed by other conservative legislators.

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