Snoop Dogg Improvises His Way Into 'Wrestlemania' History After Freak Accident With Shane McMahon

April 3rd, 2023 - 1:03 PM EDT by Adam Downer

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snoop dogg saving wwe segment and tweet

Snoop Dogg is well known for just kind of doing whatever at this point in his career, following the winds of life to wherever they may take him. Last night, those winds took him to a victory in an actual wrestling match at Wrestlemania 39.

WWE regularly trots out celebrities for comedy segments during their biggest show of the year, and yesterday, legendary rapper Snoop was partnering with The Miz to cut a promo about the attendance stats at Wrestlemania.

Then Shane McMahon, absent from WWE television for a long while, made a surprise return, and the crowd went wild. Shane and The Miz bickered and a match started up between the pair. After doing one jump, McMahon collapsed with an apparent leg injury.

At this point, WWE was seemingly screwed. The entire segment likely hinged on Shane quickly beating The Miz, but their star was suddenly unable to stand up. In this situation, they called upon an unlikely hero: Snoop Dogg.

In an apparent audible gone incredibly right, Snoop was told to get in the ring and punch The Miz. He lackadaisically but dutifully delivered, thumping The Miz on the jaw as Shane was taken out of the ring.

This gave Snoop space to kind of trot between the ropes before delivering a People's Elbow, securing a pin and an unexpected victory.

After the show, it was revealed that McMahon tore his quad leaping over The Miz. WWE's head of Creative, Triple H, praised Snoop for being so game to save the segment.

“My hat’s off to Snoop, just picking it up and like, ‘oh man, he’s hurt? That’s alright, I’ll fix that.’ Just a natural-born entertainer. I’ve known Snoop for years in this environment and what kind of a fan he is, but tonight he put himself on a different playing field and respect factor for me. I know a lot of guys that have been in business a long time; if that happened, they’d go, ‘what do we do?’ It was amazing.”

Social media went wild for the segment and viral video, praising the triumph of surreal circumstances that forced Snoop Dogg to take Shane McMahon's Wrestlemania moment.

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If anything, the segment left fans smiling, which can't be said for the main event that saw Roman Reigns defeat Cody Rhodes for the Universal Championship thanks to some interference, an unexpected result that left many with a sour taste for WWE altogether.

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