Twitch Viewers Believe They Saw Kai Cenat Get Scandalous Helping Hand In Recent Livestream Subathon

February 23rd, 2023 - 12:11 PM EST by Adam Downer

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kai cenat handjob stream viral video

Kai Cenat, fresh off hitting the 200,000-subscriber milestone, may have gotten a congratulatory treat on stream inappropriate for mass viewing, at least according to some supposed eagle-eyed viewers who are pretty sure they saw Cenat get a handjob (or something else sexual) in a recent livestream during his subathon.

In one clip circulating online (though definitely not on Twitch anymore), Cenat is present at a discussion between some friends of his. Cenat is seen sitting on a bar counter with his back to the camera when a woman walks in front of him.

While Kai's body obscures the woman's face and actions, numerous members of /r/LivestreamFails and other viewers speculate she's purportedly getting a little "handsy" with him, and judging from the position of her hands on his back, she appears to have her head at about crotch height.

In a second clip, Kai and the woman are then facing the camera from behind the bar and are standing next to each other. According to those generating discourse about the developing controversy, the woman's hand purportedly appears to go into his shorts, which can be seen in the mirror behind them.

For many watching the scene unfold since it went viral last night, the hand in the shorts was certainly grounds for suspecting Cenat was making it to second base in front of his audience. That being said, others more skeptical of the claims found it odd that no one else in the room was reacting to or even acknowledging what many would consider a situation worth commenting on.

When the eyebrow-raising clips were brought to Cenat's attention later on stream, he admitted the lady was getting handsy but had not actually made it sexual. Cenat demonstrated that the woman was scratching his thigh and not doing, you know, the other thing.

According to some Redditors, the supposed woman seen in the clip also didn't exactly deny anything about the situation when asked about it.

Twitch censors will undoubtedly analyze the clip frame by frame to see if they need to ban yet another streamer for streaming sex acts, but some suspect that Cenat may benefit from lax rules due to the viewers he brings to the platform.

On Reddit's LSF, users were pessimistic that Cenat would face disciplinary action considering previous incidents, such as calling and talking to banned streamer iShowSpeed, went undisciplined by Twitch.

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